Watch programs of herbal interest from the Richters video archive.
Some of these are from VHS tapes so the video can be a bit fuzzy. Included are programs featuring the founders of Richters Herbs, Otto and Waltraut Richter, and their son and current president, Conrad. Our new videos are here too; come back often as we produce more of our own programs right here at Richters.

Ag Weekend (CKVR)

Over 500 Herbs at Richters (2:38)
With reporter Neil Craig

Breakfast Television (CITY)

At Richters Herbs (10:13)
With host Jennifer Valentyne


The Good Side of Poison Ivy (1:38)
With reporter Glenn Cochrane

Healthwatch Television (Life Network)

A Taste of Life (4:32)
With Waltraut Richter, Conrad Richter, Dinah Koo

Let’s Get Growing (Pickering CATV)

In the Pyramid at Richters (28:01)
With host Marjorie Mason


The Hidden Power of Plants (58:20)
With narrator Don Wescott

News Channel 5 News (KSDK)

Hillary’s Sweet Lemon Mint (2:21)
With reporter John Pertzborn

Richters Seminars

Canning & Preserving: Sugar in Preserving (45:49)
With Christine Manning
Creating a Living Garden Sculpture (54:28)
With Heather Rigby
Wild Edibles in Your Garden (76:40)
With Karen Stephenson
Fairy Gardening (46:24)
With Marthe Monique Hook
For the Love of Tea (57:43)
With Penelope Beaudrow
Useful Artemisias to Grow (43:26)
With Koidu Sulev
Why Artemisias Are Important for Health (39:17)
With Carmen Lynde
Growing Hops for Brewing (101:09)
With Nicholas Schaut
Lacto-Fermentation: The Secret of Healing (111:14)
With Katalin Brown
Organic Pest & Disease Management (54:55)
With Travis Philp
Rooftop and Balcony Gardens (74:08)
With Johanne Daoust
Home Crops That Wow (59:45)
With Steven Biggs
Xeriscaping: Water Efficient Gardening (58:39)
With Jeff Mason
Wonderful Wheatgrass (51:20)
With Tom Stem
How to Grow Brugmansia (53:22)
With Steven Biggs
Praising the Artemisias (39:54)
With Conrad Richter
Elderberry for Health & Healing (35:26)
With Conrad Richter
Elder for Food, Fun & Magic (35:29)
With Koidu Sulev
Growing Elderberry for Food & Meds (50:26)
With Conrad Richter
Figs A-Plenty -- Growing Your Own (67:12)
With Steven Biggs
Seabuckthorn: Ontario’s Local Citrus! (57:18)
With Marlene Wynnyk
Drumming in the Heartbeat of Mother Earth (58:30)
With Adele Racine Passmore
Permaculture and No-Till Gardening (107:35)
With Travis Philp
More or Less Herb Crops: Should We Add Some, Drop Some or Change Some? (34:35)
With Conrad Richter
Making Your Tinctures (106:07)
With John Redden
Why SeedZoo? (20:20)
With Conrad Richter
Prospecting for Herbs (26:40)
With Conrad Richter
Herbal Trends: A View from Canada (65:13)
With Conrad Richter
Echinacea for Health (59:08)
With Nick Morcinek
What’s New in Herbs (60:07)
With Conrad Richter

Richters Video

West African Popping Sorghum (2:34)
With Conrad Richter
Message to Growers (6:20)
With Conrad Richter
Herbs Gone Wild! (13:46)
With Conrad Richter
How to Make Garden Pots from Newspaper (3:20)
With Conrad Richter
Introducing SeedZoo Plant Explorer Joseph Simcox (9:53)
With Joseph Simcox
Easy Seed Starting (3:30)
With Terry-Lynn Malone

Summer Scene (CKVR)

Medicinal & Culinary Benefits of Herbs (18:53)
With host Jayne Pritchard

The Nature of Things (CBC)

Powerful Medicine (47:52)
With host David Suzuki

Town & Country Ontario

Herb Industry (7:16)
With reporter Ingrid Clark

W5 (CTV)

Street Legal (23:05)
With reporter Victor Malarek

What’s New (America’s Talking)

Hillary Herb (2:50)
With host Mike Jerrick

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