At Richters we live and breathe herbs. We love to grow them and we love to use them. We believe in the power of herbs to heal and maintain health. We enjoy herbs in cooking, in tea, for fragrance and for body care. And we love to communicate our love of herbs to our customers.

Do you see yourself fitting in with a team dedicated to the core values of Richters? Do you live within 30 minutes of Richters, or are you prepared to move to within that distance? If yes, we invite you to apply for the open positions below.

To apply, fax or email your resume to Human Resources at 1.905.640.6641 or Indicate the position you are applying for from the list below. We apologize that we cannot reply to all applicants; only those of interest to Richters will be contacted. Thank you for your interest.

Greenhouse Production Positions

The propagator/transplanter takes and sticks cuttings, transplants seedlings and plugs, and waters plants. Persons suitable for the position love gardening and plants, are quick with their hands, are on their feet, and love working in a greenhouse environment that can range in temperature from winter cool to summer hot.
Some weekend work is necessary. Year round and seasonal full-time positions open.

Mailorder Position

Order Entry
This position involves taking phone orders, entering orders, and processing orders. Candidates for this position are comfortable with computers, are pleasant on the phone, and are able to handle a variety of tasks in a busy office setting. Year round and seasonal full-time positions open.

Mailorder Position

Packager and Picker
This position involves two main functions: 1) packaging of seeds, dried herbs and other products, and 2) picking of orders. The position will be filled by a person who is energetic, organized, accurate, and quick with hands. Occasional lifting of heavy packages is required. Stay-at-home moms welcome to apply; hours can be flexible for dropping off or picking up children.

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