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  • 2002/04/30

    1. St. John’s Wort Doesn’t Help Major Depression -- Study
    2. Industry Group Refutes Study on St. John’s Wort and Depression
    3. Ginkgo Biloba Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients
    4. Medicinal Marijuana Harvest on Hold
    5. International Olympic Committee Warns Athletes about Supplements
    6. Alternative Medicine Is Wave of the Future, South Carolina Doctor Says
    7. Ephedrine-free Supplement Launched
    8. World Health Organization Lists New Herb-Based Malaria Treatment
    9. Green Tea the Answer to Liver Shortages?
    10. Soy, Flaxseed Can Help Fight Diabetes and Obesity
    11. Breast Enhancers Fail to Rise to the Occasion
    12. Green Tea Polyphenols to Fight Parkinson’s
    13. Cholesterol Reduced by Olive Oil -- Study
    14. St. John’s Wort No Better Than Placebo for Depression
    15. St. John’s Wort Study Misinterpreted
    16. St. John’s Wort May Interfere With Chemotherapy Drugs
    17. St. John’s Wort Weakens Cancer Drug
    18. Green Tea Catechins to Treat Muscle Degeneration
    19. Thinking of Taking Herbal Remedies? What Every Patient Should Know
    20. We’re on Our Own in Deciphering Herbal Supplement Details
    21. A New LSD? Mexican Herb Comes With Divine Claims, Warnings
    22. Ephedra Manufacturers Implicated in Student’s Death
    23. Industry Council Issues Voluntary Kava Warning Labels
    24. ‘Safe’ Alternative to Kava Launched
    25. Herbal Eczema Creams Contain Steroids -- Warning
    26. ‘Herbal Cream’ Left Isa’s Skin Paper Thin and Raw
    27. Cancer Scientists Find Drugs in Prostate Herbal Supplement
    28. New USP Program to Assure Quality of Herbal Supplements
    29. Call for Tighter Controls of Supplement Claims
    30. Call for Body to Regulate Natural Health Care in Ireland
    31. Utah Justices Rule in Sunrider Dispute
    32. Hemp Industries Association Confident of Court Approval
    33. Herbalife, Other Ephedra Marketers Face Soaring Insurance Rates
    34. Concerns Over Supplement Scam in Ireland
    35. Naturopath on Trial, Mother Recounts Daughter’s Death
    36. Preserving Rwanda’s Medicinal Plants: Profile of Léopold Ntezurubanza
    37. Kenyan Study Brings Hope to HIV/AIDS Patients
    38. Ghanaian Government Blamed for Slow Herbal Medicine Testing
    39. South African Traditional Healers to Be Recognised under New Bill
    40. Kenyan Health Minister Defends Use of Herbal Medicine
    41. Ugandan Herbalist Arrested for Defiling 11-Year-Old Girl
    42. North American Industry-Native Symposium Leads to Collaboration
    43. Indian Army Turns to Herbal Remedies
    44. South Indian Farmers Increasingly Planting Vanilla
    45. Gene Technology Used to Decode Traditional Chinese Medicine
    46. Indian Herbal Medicine in Hepatitis Trial
    47. China’s Traditional Medicine Exports Totalled Half Billion in 2001
    48. Global Herbal Product Market Has Great Potential, Hong Kong Trade Council Says
    49. Malaysia to Set Up Herbal Farm
    50. Pepper Prices Shoot Up in India
    51. Spice Trade Wary of Influence of Vietnamese Pepper
    52. Nutmeg Prices Likely to Remain High
    53. Indian Ginger Prices Remain Depressed
    54. Indian Turmeric Prices on the Rise
    55. Potential for Growth in Scottish Herb Market
    56. Herb Business News

  • 2002/03/31

    1. Australians Spending Almost $1 Billion A Year on Natural Medicine
    2. Retail Sales of Cosmeceuticals Top $5 Billion in 2001
    3. Economic Crisis Forces Argentinians to Spend Less on Imported Spices
    4. When A Glass of Juice is Worth a Pound of Cure
    5. Panel Says Consumers Need to Know More about Alternative Medicine
    6. St John’s Wort: A Natural Plant Remedy in the Fight Against Cancer
    7. New Research Confirms Safety and Efficacy of Menopause Herb
    8. Coffee Poses Only Minor Risk to Blood Pressure
    9. More US Alternative Medicine Research Funding Urged
    10. Mechanism of Herbal Supplement Effect on Prostate Cancer Studied
    11. Global Information Network on Medicinal Plants Launches Website
    12. Soy Isoflavone May Be Safe Alternative to Estrogen Replacement
    13. Herbal Supplement Use Can Lead to Drug Addiction
    14. Herbal Products Research Prompts Angry Response
    15. Green Tea Catechins Can Protect Cartilage, Study Shows
    16. Cognitive Impairment Increases with Long-term Heavy Cannabis Use
    17. Chinese Scientists Save Rare Herb from Decline
    18. Kava-Containing Dietary Supplements May Cause Liver Injury -- FDA
    19. Kava Supplements May Harm Liver, U.S. FDA Says
    20. Kava Product Warning Label Issued by Leading Herbal Association
    21. Australians Urged to Avoid "Drink of Gods"
    22. Seek Veterinarian’s Guidance Before Giving Kava to Pet
    23. Three Hundred Vitamin and Supplement Products Face Ban in Euro Purge
    24. Doctor Slams Ottawa for Allowing Sale of Ephedra and Ephredrine
    25. Recall of Drug-Laced Prostate Herbal Supplement
    26. Random Checks Target Banned Food Additives, Steviosides
    27. Official Line Hard to Swallow on Stevia Food Additive
    28. ‘Not Enough Done’ to Block Stevia Sales
    29. Stevioside Row Seen as Latest Battle in Trade Wars with U.S.
    30. Stevia: Innocent Herbal Sweetener Caught in Bureaucratic Panic
    31. Stevia Sweetener Ban to Be Enforced Despite Mainland China View
    32. Importers Flood Labs Seeking Tests for Banned Stevia Sweetener
    33. Hong Kong Stevia Scare Hits 55 More Food Products
    34. Random Checks on Snacks After Stevioside Scare
    35. Closing the Loopholes for Stevioside
    36. U.S. DEA Rule on Hemp Food Criticised by Congress Members
    37. U.S. ‘Whitelist’ May Ban Interstate Movement of Plants, Herbs
    38. U.S. Initiative to Ban Herbal Animal Supplements Feared
    39. Appeals Court Blocks DEA Rule That Bans Foods Made With Hemp
    40. Native Elders, Herbal Industry Discuss Threats to Medicinal Plants
    41. The Global Trend Towards Herbal Medicine at Odds with Kenyan Trend
    42. Kenyan University Gets Herbalists for Drugs Research Centre
    43. Africa Unlocks Herbal Secrets to Fight AIDS
    44. Chinese, Vietnamese Scientists Discuss Updating Traditional Medicine
    45. Prince Charles Goes for Gold with a ‘Healing’ Garden at Chelsea
    46. Seasoning Salt Becomes Recipe for Survival for Texas Businessman
    47. Organic Pine Tree Extract to Control Weeds
    48. Faster, Higher, Stronger: Confessions of an Ephedrine Junkie
    49. Herb Business News

  • 2002/02/28

    1. Canada’s Proposed Natural Health Product Regulations "Are a Waste"
    2. Kava Gets the All Clear from Industry Study
    3. Coffee with More Antioxidants
    4. Caffeinated or Decaf -- Either Way, Coffee’s Not Good for You
    5. The Future is Bright for Natural Medicine
    6. U.K. Considers Offering Cannabis Drugs
    7. Clinical Trial on Japanese Botanical Formula for Liver Cancer
    8. Company’s Saw Palmetto Extract Picked for Large Clinical Trial
    9. Trial to See If Learning Difficulties Are Helped by Supplements
    10. U.S. Needs More Research, Info on Alternative Medicine
    11. Company Pursues Investigation of Contaminant Claimed to be Warfarin
    12. Herbal Treatments Raise Concern on U.S.-Mexico Border
    13. Women Urged to Use Non-Drug Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy
    14. Canada Recalls Chinese Herbal Product with Prescription-only Drug
    15. FDA Recalls Two Herbal Supplements
    16. European Union Clampdown on Japanese Star Anise
    17. Hemp Food Firm is First to Comply with DEA Rule on THC
    18. Court Extends Hemp Foods’ Grace Period
    19. FDA Probes Anti-Anxiety Herb Kava
    20. U.S. to Impose Organic Certification?
    21. China, Brazil, India and Others Form Alliance Against Biopiracy
    22. Japanese Woman Jailed for Fatal Poisonings Using Herb
    23. Rare Plants in Yunnan Decreasing, 53% on Verge of Extinction
    24. Zulu Woman Charged After Aborting Baby Using Herbs
    25. Ugandan Herbalists Cautioned on Herbal Injections
    26. Ugandan Herbalists Appeal for Funds to Manufacture Herbal Medicines
    27. Ugandan Ban on Drug Adverts Includes Herbal Remedies and Herbalists
    28. Greedy Herbalists Hinder Progress
    29. Mayan Medicine Holds Secrets, Cures
    30. Brazil Starts Mapping Medicinal Plant Potential
    31. Fruity, Herbal Wine Takes Off in Thailand
    32. Medicinal Plants Seen as Opium Poppy Crop Substitute in Myanmar
    33. Businesses Want Part of Medicinal Aloe Vera Plant Grown in South Texas
    34. American Herbal Pharmacopeia Publishes Black Cohosh Monograph
    35. German Organic Farms Less Profitable
    36. Dose Versus Cost Versus Taste: The Functional Food Variables
    37. Taste and Pleasure Rule Supreme for Consumers
    38. Variations in Testing Methods Can Lead to Variations in Results
    39. South American Yerba Mate Spices Up a Traditional Tea Party
    40. British PM’s Wife Helps Launch Millions of Curry Sauces
    41. Curry Does More Than Spice Up Your Life
    42. A Closer Look at Alternative Cold Therapies
    43. Dietary Supplement Industry Groups to Merge
    44. Herb Business News

  • 2002/01/31

    1. Health Canada Requests Recall of Certain Ephedra/Ephedrine Products
    2. Health Canada Considering Whether to Ban or Limit Sales of Kava
    3. Herbal Remedy Fights Hay Fever Without Sleepy Side Effects
    4. New Canadian Herbalist Guild Formed
    5. Another Alternative Remedy, Saw Palmetto, Gains Respect
    6. Andrographis-based Head & Chest Formula Receives Endorsement
    7. Latest Sex-Stimulant Fad: Chocolate with Chinese Herbs
    8. Americans Turning to Gardening for Healing
    9. New Research Reveals Antioxidants in Herbs
    10. Studies Show Drinking Tea Fights Cancer
    11. Funding Available for Organic Herb Research
    12. Women’s Health and Herbal Supplements is Focus of Symposium
    13. Echinacea Linked to Allergies
    14. Heavy South Pacific Kava Usage May Not Cause Health Problems
    15. Trade Assocation Asks Consumers to Keep Recent Kava Reports in Perspective
    16. Ma Huang Ups Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, Death
    17. Consumer Group Urges FDA to Pull Ephedra Supplements
    18. Weight Loss Aids, Ephedra Energy Boosters Potentially Hazardous
    19. Common Herbal Remedies Have Uncertain Risk-Benefit Profiles
    20. ‘Natural’ or ‘Plant-Derived’ Labeling Can Mislead
    21. Contaminated Oregano Recalled by Florida Spice Company
    22. Florida Man Settles Charges He Sold Dangerous Dietary Supplements
    23. California Company Suspends Sales of Tablets in Face of Lawsuit
    24. Ecuadoran Shaman Appeals for Help in Healing Ceremony Death
    25. Canadian Company Will Sue to Prove Hemp is Not Pot
    26. Rasta Loses Dagga Appeal By Narrow Margin
    27. Doctors Oppose Kenyan Government’s Plan on Herbs
    28. Nairobi Gets Machine to Process Herbs
    29. Herbalists Are a Crucial Part of Kenyan Health System
    30. Doctors Want To Test Immune Booster for AIDS Patients
    31. Dietician on Effective Herbal Healing
    32. For Millennia, Herbs Have Kept People and Livestock Healthy in Africa
    33. Herbal Medicine In Hospitals -- Kenya Leads The Way
    34. WHO Supports Kenya’s Health Plan on Use of Traditional Medicines
    35. Pouncing on Poachers in Zululand
    36. Zambian Herbalist Defends Herself After Being Found with Client
    37. Ugandan Government to Monitor Herbalists
    38. Does Indian ‘Ayurveda’ Have an Answer to HIV/AIDS?
    39. Colgate to Offer Herbal Toothpaste in Thailand
    40. Traditional Medicine is Still a Way of Life in Hong Kong
    41. Asian Research Spurred by the Lucrative Herbal Market
    42. Chinese Farmer Finds Hope for Desert Areas: The Canadian Potato
    43. Small-time Farms Produce Hot Chiles, Herbs, Jellies
    44. Herbally Enhanced ‘Bodacious Brew’ Hits Salt Lake City
    45. Couple Indulges in Art of Soapmaking
    46. Scots Spice Up Love Life with Aphrodisiac Haggis
    47. Fire It Up: Let Spicy Food Turn Up the Heat on Old Man Winter
    48. Plant Research Targets Livestock Production
    49. Herb Business News

  • 2001/12/31

    1. Natural Way To Manage Menopause
    2. Chinese Herbal Formula "Significantly Reduces" Heart Attack Risk
    3. New Feverfew Clinical Trial Yields Impressive Results
    4. Research Project on Osha Use and Cultivation Underway
    5. Clemson University to Coordinate State Research into Herbs
    6. Melatonin Shows Promise in Alzheimer’s Disease
    7. Kava Could Be Removed from Shelves in U.K.
    8. Voluntary Suspension of Kava-kava Sales in U.K. Following Safety Concerns
    9. Avoid Kava-kava Food Products, U.K. Food Agency Advises
    10. European Herbalists Address Voluntary Ban of Kava-kava
    11. Dietary Supplement Associations Undertake Scientific Evaluation of Kava
    12. American Botanical Council Announces New Safety Information on Kava
    13. Combining Anticoagulant Drugs with Herbal Medicines is Risky
    14. Tougher Canadian Labelling Rules Set for Herbal Medicines
    15. Canadian Health Minister Announces New Rules for Natural Health Products
    16. Ecuadoran Shaman, Son Face Trial in Ontario After Healing-Ceremony Death
    17. Legal Pot Smoker Says Delta Broke Law By Keeping Him Off Plane
    18. Nepalese Demand for Ayurvedic Medicines on Rise
    19. Nutraceuticals Experts Provide How To Guide to Increased Profitability
    20. Soap Business Comes Naturally for Appleton, Wis., Entrepreneur
    21. A Fresh Pot of Greens Can Be as Good as Gold
    22. Ready for Something New in Tea? Why Not Go Overboard?
    23. Herb Business News

  • 2001/11/30

    1. Taliban and al-Qaeda Had Planned to Unleash Herbal Terror
    2. U.S. Cracks Down On Web Sites Hawking Fake Cures
    3. Germany May Ban Kava-Kava Herbal Supplement
    4. Prince Charles Speaks Up for ‘Medicinal’ Flower
    5. Research Team Studies Old Remedy for Malaria as Possible Cancer Cure
    6. Pokeweed Offers Hope for HIV+ Men Who Want Kids
    7. U.S. Citizens Aged 50 and Older Deem Dietary Supplements Essential
    8. Majority of Pediatric Cancer Patients Use Alternative Therapies
    9. Red Clover Supplement Helps Reduce Breast Pain
    10. Chinese Scientists Developing Drugs to Cure Malaria
    11. Ginger Eases Arthritis Pain
    12. $25 Million Nutraceuticals Research Facility to be Built in Manitoba
    13. Canadian Bank Donates $1.25 Million for Nutraceuticals Centre
    14. Cancer Cure Derived from African Bush Willow
    15. Research Confirms Success Of Herb For Diabetes Control
    16. Extract in Chinese Herb Linked to Kidney Cancer in U.K. Woman
    17. Fat-burning Supplements Might Not Be Safe
    18. Clinical Evidence Mounts that Ephedra is Safe When Used as Directed
    19. Industry Coalition Warns Against Use of Dietary Supplements for Anthrax
    20. Merck Recalls Kava Products over Safety Concerns
    21. FTC Cracks Down on Marketers of Bogus Bioterrorism Defense Products
    22. Senate Approves Money to Combat Misleading Supplements Labeling
    23. Marshals Seize Dietary Drops Containing Ephedrine HCl from Utah Firm
    24. Turning to Traditional Healers for AIDS Cure
    25. Kyogero Herb Available as Soap
    26. Ugandan Traditional Healers Cautioned Against ‘Devilish Practices’
    27. Ugandan Government to Build Herbal Centre
    28. Ugandan Herbalists Meeting Sponsored by Canadian NGO
    29. Herbal Drugs Gain Popularity in Nigeria
    30. Encourage Use of Shea Butter, Ghana’s Government Told
    31. South African Traditional Medicine Has Become Big Business
    32. Use of Herbal Medicine in Kenya Catching Up Fast
    33. Two Canadian Herb-Related Pilot Projects Funded
    34. China Cultivates Rare Herbal Fungus on Tibetan Plateau
    35. Korean Root Spawns Riches, Cancer Cure Claims
    36. Experts Call for Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicines
    37. Singapore Eyes Role as Quality Hub for Chinese Herbs
    38. China to Build Museum of Traditional Herbal Medicine
    39. Passion Is Main Ingredient for Colorado Springs Gourmet Spice Shop
    40. Ten Foods That Will Spice Up Your Love Life
    41. Herbal Relief for Gut-Wrenching Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    42. Herbal Products Promise to Put You in the Mood for Love
    43. New Basil is All-America Winner for 2002
    44. Pharmacognocist Heber Youngken, Jr. Dies
    45. Spice Acreage in Saskatchewan Growing Amid Research
    46. Hungarian Herb Company Plants Seeds for Future Expansion
    47. Today’s Farmers Learn a Good Herb Crop Doesn’t Guarantee Success
    48. CEO of Boulder, Colo., Herbal Extracts Developer Is Optimistic for Future
    49. Herb Business News

  • 2001/10/31

    1. Bioterror Defenses: Lowly Weeds May Offer Answers
    2. Lexington, Ky.-Area Herb Farmers Aid Growers Hurt by Sept. 11 Attack
    3. Will Making Mail Safe From Anthrax Damage Seeds and Other Mail?
    4. Canadian Echinacea "Scam" Appears to be "Breaking Down"
    5. Canadian Herb Magazine Suspends Operations
    6. The Newest Weapon against Alzheimer Disease Derived from Daffodils
    7. U.S. Firm to Establish Certification of Dietary Supplements
    8. Herbal Remedy Use Affected By Culture
    9. Bastyr University to Research Garlic’s Effect on HIV
    10. Patients With Parkinson Disease and Alternative Therapy
    11. Three or More Cups of Coffee a Day Bad for Bones: Study
    12. NFL Commissioner Told Ephedrine Supplements Are ‘Safe’
    13. Canada’s Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Defended
    14. Widely Used Food Additive Made from Seaweed Causes Cancer
    15. Doctors Need Herbal Use Data Before Surgery
    16. Ontario Government Threatening to Shut Down Herbal Winery
    17. U.S. Government Issues New Rules to Ban Hemp Foods
    18. Supplement Company Sues Rival over Alleged Trademark Infringement
    19. Government Must Ensure Safe Herbal Practice in Ghana
    20. Chinese Patent Medicine Seizes Larger Market Share
    21. Herb Business News

  • 2001/09/30

    1. Cancer Study Patients Report Improvements Using Herbal Formula
    2. Legislation to Allow Health Plan Coverage of Dietary Supplements
    3. Group Seeks Ban on Ephedra-based Supplements
    4. Response to Calls to Ban Ephedra Dietary Supplements
    5. Integrative Medicine is ‘Wave of the Future’
    6. Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream in Quest for Health
    7. Aging Population, Regulations and Partnering Define Nutraceuticals Market
    8. Edible Berries Found Along Roadways High in Cancer Fighting Substance
    9. Tiny Berry Tops Tomatoes in Lycopene
    10. Anti-Aging Potions ‘A Waste of Money’ -- Congressional Investigators
    11. Experts Say Elderly Bilked Because of Lax Rules on Supplements
    12. Dietary Supplements Essential to Health of Seniors
    13. Legalise Cannabis Campaigners Take to the Streets in London
    14. Health Canada Issues Recall of Chinese Products With Aristolochic Acid
    15. Chinese Medicine May Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredient
    16. Aromas and Flavors of Allspice Flow from Small Berries Grown in Jamaica
    17. Thai Chefs Aim to Spice Up the Palate with Flowers
    18. Neem Makes Good Herbal Brew, Says Thailand Trader
    19. Latest Research to Bolster Chinese Herbal Medicine Sector
    20. Zhejiang Medicine Base Eyes International Market
    21. Vietnam Pepper Exporters Concerned about Falling Prices
    22. Europe Could Outlaw High-dose Vitamins and Minerals
    23. Spicy Foods Spark a Heated Debate
    24. Saffron Will Cost You, But a Pinch Goes a Long Way
    25. Journeys Past and Present Bring Intriguing Flavors to Our Kitchens
    26. Learning the Four Types of Berries
    27. Overcoming Stress Naturally With Passion Flower
    28. Drying Your Herbs from the Garden
    29. Herb Business News

  • 2001/08/31

    1. Study Indicates Alternative, Complementary Medicine is Here to Stay
    2. Survey: 1% of Americans Used Ephedra Products for Weight Loss
    3. World Health Organization and Novartis to Fight Drug-Resistant Malaria
    4. Feverfew Could Be Source of Novel Anti-inflammatory Drugs
    5. Study Confirms Antibacterial Activity in Goldenseal
    6. Catnip’s Powerful Pong Repels Mosquitoes
    7. Sap from Rainforest Tree Improves Digestive Health
    8. Increased Crop Research in Nova Scotia, Includes Aromatic Herbs
    9. Colchicine Traced to Gingko Biloba Preparations Found in Placental Blood
    10. Group Debunks Research Suggesting Presence of Colchicine in Ginkgo
    11. Third Party Testing Discredits Ginkgo Study
    12. Leading Herbal and Nutritional Associations Challenge Ginkgo Study
    13. Supplements Lure Athletes, Skirt FDA
    14. Athletes Urged to Check Ingredients of Sports Supplements
    15. Health Canada Advising Not to Use Products Containing Aristolochia
    16. Canadians Warned Not to Use Pediatric Product ‘Tao Chih Pien’
    17. Family Physician Launches Web Site on Ephedra ‘Killer Herb’
    18. Asthma, Not Ephedra, Caused Football Player’s Death
    19. Agencies Team Up in War Against Internet Health Fraud
    20. Herbal Viagra Web Sites Stretch the Truth
    21. Utah Herbal Company Agrees to Stop Using Comfrey
    22. Liverite Maker Settles FTC Charge of False Claims
    23. U.S. Department of Agriculture to Enforce Phytosanitary Regulations
    24. Thai Herbal Products Producers Want Export Regulations Relaxed
    25. Battle Growing Over Patented Broccoli Sprouts
    26. Sprout Growers Win Broccoli Lawsuit
    27. First Ever Alternative Medicine Exhibition in Kenya
    28. Native American Sage Speaks about Use of Natural Medicines
    29. Grenada Offers Sun, Sand and Spice
    30. Sex Drive Flagging? Pop Peru’s "Miracle" Maca
    31. Korean Government to Invest $1 Billion in Ginseng
    32. Korean Sartups Battle for Cholesterol Reduction Market
    33. Malaysia Music "Cult" Members Face Herbal Dose
    34. Shanghai Hosts Rhubarb Symposium
    35. First Chinese Herbal Medicine Anticancer Research Conference
    36. International Symposium on Chinese Wolfberry
    37. Herbal Medicine Market in Russia is Growing
    38. ‘Love Potion’ Now Found in Stores
    39. Swedish Energy Drink ‘Niagara’ Gets Name Changed to NEXCITE
    40. Altoids Breath Mints Placed First at Gilroy Garlic Festival
    41. Spicy Food Adds Spice to Your Love Life
    42. Capturing the Scents of Summer in a Jar
    43. Obituary: Professor Varro E. Tyler, 1926-2001
    44. Herb Business News

  • 2001/07/31

    1. Many Herbal Sleep Products Lack Key Claimed Ingredient Valerian
    2. U.S. National Survey Documenting Widespread Use of Dietary Supplements
    3. Where Should Pharmacies be Located in the Future?
    4. Research Casts Doubt on Medical Marijuana
    5. Sugar Cane Extracts Can Lower LDL Cholesterol, Report Cuban Researchers
    6. Doctors Issue Herb Guideline Respectfully
    7. Mixing Herbs, Surgery Can be Risky
    8. California Company Recalls Herbal Products Containing Aristolochic Acid
    9. FDA Advises Dietary Supplement Manufacturers to Drop Comfrey Products
    10. U.S. Government Agencies Crack Down On Online Comfrey Sales
    11. California Botanicals Firm Drops All Comfrey Products
    12. FDA Launches New Dietary Supplement Electronic Newsletter
    13. NSF International Announces Draft Standard for Dietary Supplements
    14. South African Minister Brews AIDS Medicine
    15. South American Tree for Digestive Health
    16. Montserrat Jungle Yields Ethnobotanical Oddities and Treasures
    17. East China Province Promotes Medicine Industry
    18. Major U.S. Horticultural Company Files for Bankruptcy
    19. Illinois Lavender Farm Becomes Popular
    20. King of Herbs: Basil Reigns Supreme on Summer Tables
    21. Spice It Up: Lemon Verbana
    22. The Search for Cinnamon
    23. Iced Tea Gets Dressed Up with Fruit and Herbs
    24. Wimpy Habanero Peppers
    25. Naturopaths and The Medicinal Magic of Herbs
    26. Cooks Can Choose from a Bouquet of Basil Varieties
    27. Herb Business News

  • 2001/06/30

    1. Cancer Institute Begins Trials of Chinese Herb
    2. Herbal Medication Applied to Belly Button for Migraines
    3. Makers Defend St. John’s Wort as Depression Remedy
    4. FDA Warns Manufacturers Giving Foods a Botanical ‘Boost’
    5. Herb Research Foundation Disputes FDA Warnings to Manufacturers
    6. "The Latest Echinacea Seedling Scam"
    7. Herbs Decreasing as Proportion of U.S. Health Food Store Sales
    8. Herbal Supplements Win Scientific Validity
    9. U.S. Insomnia Epidemic Waking Interest in Natural Sleep Remedies
    10. Interest Grows in Herbal Medicines?
    11. Herbs Aid Ability to Study
    12. North Carolina Researchers Find Why Drugs, Herbs Cancel Each Other Out
    13. Herbal Supplement Improves Female Sexual Health
    14. BioValidity Rates Yohimbe Erectile Function Research
    15. Ginger Tested as Cure for Morning Sickness
    16. Study Suggests Ginseng Has Little If Any Effect on Psychological Health
    17. Study Shows Native Indian Tea Can Reverse Biological Aging Process
    18. Trials Test Performance of Jujube-based Alternative to Viagra
    19. Herbal Essential Oils Effective Against Flu and Cold Bacteria
    20. Korean Red Ginseng in HIV-infected Patients Delays Drug Resistance
    21. Possible Mechanism for Herb’s Antitumour and Immunomodulatory Effects
    22. Herbal Energy Drinks Can Be Harmful in Large Doses, Says Dietitian
    23. Caffeine Use May Pose Health Risks
    24. Caffeine Increases Risk of Miscarriage
    25. Thirteen Herbal Products Deemed Dangerous by FDA
    26. Health Canada Issues Advisory Not to Use Ephedra or Ephedrine
    27. Experts Review Most Recent FDA Reports on Ephedra
    28. CSPI Applauds Proposed Nutrition Labelling Rules for Canada
    29. U.S. Federal Trade Commission Targets Cures Sold on Internet
    30. Parent Sentenced for Poisoning Eight Football Players with Herb
    31. Herbal Warning: Stop Sales or Else, Inventor Says
    32. Zimbabwan Traditional Herbalist in a Class of Her Own
    33. Zimbabwe’s Traditional Healers Wade in Against AIDS
    34. Herbal Doctors Blame Ghana’s Ministry of Health for Shelving Findings
    35. Traditional Medicine Soothes South African Race Divide
    36. Traditional Healers Charge Unfair Treatment at International Conferences
    37. Study Aimed at Exports of Ugandan Fruits, Vegetables and Spices
    38. Brazil’s Frustrated Women Eager for Herbal Viagra Alternatives
    39. Pakistani Spice Importers Refuse to Open Letters of Credit
    40. Indian Government Implements Organic Certification Standards
    41. High Tech Remedy Prescribed for China’s TCM Sector
    42. Hong Kong Researchers Develop DNA-based Plant Identification System
    43. China, U.S. Doctors Talk on Traditional Medicines
    44. Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine
    45. Rare Medicinal Herb Transplanted to China’s Tianshan Mountains
    46. Traditional Medicine -- A Big Part of Health Care in Bhutan
    47. Australia’s Six Million Plant Specimens Go Online
    48. New Industry-Wide Coalition Is Launched "to Put the ‘E’ Back In DSHEA"
    49. The Republic of Tea Success Brews New Book
    50. Scientist Honoured for Work in Non-Timber Forest Industry
    51. Black Magic: Durable Black Pepper Casts its Spell
    52. Cracking the Pepper Code
    53. Curryholics Spice Up British Food
    54. Cast Off Culinary Shyness with Herbs the Herbfarm Way
    55. Cookbook Explores Saffron’s Ancient Allure and Modern-day Appeal
    56. New Book Promotes Safe Use of Natural Remedies
    57. It’s Time to Let All Your Herbs Go to Pot
    58. Expert to Address Media Controversies Surrounding Herbal Supplements
    59. Herb Business News

  • 2001/05/31

    1. Over Forty Percent of Echinacea Products Fail Review
    2. Tapioca Tea Trend Brewing in U.S.
    3. Green and Herbal Tea Fueling Growth of Tea Sales in Canada
    4. Viagra Users Search for Other Alternatives, New Survey Finds
    5. Herbal Supplement Sales Down
    6. Use of Herbal Supplements Increased 350% in Three Years
    7. Ginseng Lowers Blood Sugar Levels in Patients with Diabetes
    8. New Study Says Green Tea Helps Stomach Disorders
    9. Herbal Medicines on Menopausal Symptoms Induced by Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Therapy
    10. Prehistoric Ginkgo Finding Supports Global Warming Theory
    11. China Ready to Launch Crop-breeding Experiments in Space
    12. Plant Hormones Form Basis of New Anti-Cancer Drugs
    13. Harvard Creates New Institute to Study Alternative Medicine
    14. Black Cohosh Safe and Effective for Menopausal Breast Cancer Patients
    15. Danger Seen in Rising Herb Use
    16. Amazonian Shamans Set Up a Code of Ethics to Fight Shams
    17. WIPO Pledges to Protect Traditional Knowledge of Poor Countries
    18. Jury Awards $2 Million in Malpractice Case Involving St. John’s Wort
    19. Echinacea Farmer Wins $50,000 in Lawsuit
    20. Ghana Warns Unregistered Herbalists to Stay Away from Health Product Fair
    21. China Cracks Down on Fake Doctors, Medicines
    22. China Revamps Traditional Medicine to Meet Global Standards
    23. Centuries-Old Firm Adapts Traditional Chinese Medicines
    24. China Urged to Modernize Traditional Medicine
    25. Chinese Scientists Find Magic Drug Against Senility
    26. Gene Research Facilitates Development of Chinese Herbs
    27. Some Chinese Manufacturers Are Misleading Consumers about FDA Approval
    28. China’s Yunnan Province Plans to Develop Plant-Based Products
    29. Thousands Flock to Indian Boy Wonder for Herbal Remedies
    30. Pakistan Removes Duty on Medicinal Herbs Imports
    31. Ginseng Growers at Root of Problem: Oversupply Has Driven Prices Down
    32. Ontario Ginseng Growers Show Support for Association
    33. West Paterson, N.J., Business Supplies Medicinal Herbs from Ecuador
    34. Mustards, and More Mustards
    35. Basils are Excellent Herbs to Grow in Containers
    36. Try Planting a Decorative Knot Garden
    37. Herbs: Good for What Ails You
    38. Herb Business News

  • 2001/04/30

    1. Ottawa to Legalize Marijuana for Severe Arthritis
    2. Herbal Trade Association Faults St. John’s Wort Study
    3. Eating Garlic May Help You Live Longer
    4. Biotech Company Looks for Cures in Herbs and Spices
    5. Herbal Drink Niagara Proving Popular with Lovers
    6. Alternative Medicine for Pets Catching On
    7. Smell of Success for London Tube, Who Nose?
    8. What Do Consumers Want in the Pharmacy of the Future?
    9. St. John’s Wort Ineffective for Major Depression: Study
    10. Questions Raised About Latest St. John’s Wort Study
    11. Third of St. John’s Wort Supplements Fail Tests
    12. Getting the Goods on Ginkgo and Alzheimer’s Disease
    13. Chinese Herb Drug Hits Back at Malaria
    14. World Health Organization Develops New Malaria Drug
    15. Support Use of Local Nigerian Herbs in Malaria Control
    16. Herbs and Surgery: A Risky Mix
    17. Salmonella Scare Prompts Dietary Supplement Recall
    18. Lack of Industry Oversight May Endanger Consumers, Government Report Charges
    19. Tough New Rules Needed for Dietary Supplements
    20. Poisonous Herb Plant Prompts FDA Warning
    21. Attention Pot Growers: Sign Here for Legal Buyers
    22. Echinacea Farmer, Neighbour to Clash in Court over Destroyed Crop
    23. Native American Elders to Address Medicinal Plant Conservation
    24. New Natural Health Products Group Aims to Build Industry
    25. Herbs and Spice Sector Taking Root in Canada
    26. Tobacco Growers Experimenting with Herb Crops
    27. Model Organic Farmers Struggle To Stay Afloat
    28. Spicy Reputation as Cure-All and Mind-Altering Drug
    29. Nutmeg’s Intoxicating Pungency Captivates Cooks, Treasure Hunters
    30. There’s History and Adventure Lurking in Your Spice Rack
    31. Passing Muster: Testing the Mustards of Dijon
    32. The One-Bowl Comfort of Asian Noodles
    33. Tips to Keep Your Herbs and Flavors At Their Spiciest
    34. Add Fragrant Plants to Your Garden
    35. Spring’s Siren Call: Early Season Bounty Rewards Gardeners, Cooks
    36. New England Herbal Expert to Write National Column
    37. Richard E. Schultes, 86, Authority on Hallucinogenic Plants, Dies
    38. Herb Business News

  • 2001/03/31

    1. Canada’s NRC Proposes Multi-Million Dollar Quality Standards Lab
    2. Health Canada Releases Second Draft Regulatory Framework for NHPs
    3. Irradiated Food and Herbs on Sale in London Stores
    4. "Cloak-and-Dagger" Herb Implicated in Deaths
    5. Americans Opting for Herbal Supplements over Doctor’s Office
    6. European Researchers Tout Virtues of Edelweiss in Skin Rejuvenation
    7. Medicinal Magic of Herbs
    8. Herbal Remedies Gaining Popularity
    9. Weeds May Be Richer Source of Medicines Than Tropical Rain Forests
    10. Women’s Health Expert Confirms Natural Nutrients Can Boost Vitality, Energy
    11. Medical Research Firm Gets $100,000 for Cayenne Pepper Study
    12. Could Herbal Sleep Remedies be the Answer?
    13. Herbs Take a Whack at Prostate Cancer
    14. Herbal Tablets Blamed for Dangerous Clotting
    15. Herb Safety is Controversal According to Texas A&M Professor
    16. Prosecutors Say Moneylender Copied 1986 Aconite Murder
    17. Be Careful with Weight Reducing Teas
    18. Don’t Get Hopes Up Over ‘Herbal Viagra’
    19. Under the Influence? -- Kava Might Make Driving Dangerous
    20. Cannabis Can Drive Users Insane, Say Doctors
    21. Pursuit of a Perfect Body with Supplements Exacts a Physical Cost
    22. Government Warns against Chinese Medicines Containing Trichosanthes
    23. Questions Raised over Supplement Safety
    24. U.S. Says Lack of Funding Hampers Supplement Law
    25. Industry Group Briefs House Government Reform Committee on Dietary Supplement Quality
    26. Bracing for El Nuna: Hopping Mad about Popping-Bean Patent
    27. Story of Salt and Pepper
    28. Flecks of Flavour: Poppy Seeds Add Spice, Texture
    29. Pass the Seeds, Man: Is Hemp the Food of the Future?
    30. Swaziland to Clamp Down on Conmen Posing as Traditional Healers
    31. Organic Products Are Gold in Zambia
    32. Zimbabwean Traditional Healers Seek Amendment of Witchcraft Act
    33. Ghanaian Man Shot Dead as "Bulletproof" Herbal Magic Fails
    34. New African Herbal Medicine for Chronic and Incurable Diseases
    35. "Goodness Real Ginseng Bitters" Sold in Ghana Unsafe
    36. South African Traditional Healers Call for Recognition in AIDS Fight
    37. Zimbabwe Determined to Stop Biopiracy by Swiss University
    38. Traditional Chinese Medicine Now "Serious" Medicine in Singapore
    39. Chinese Doctor Cures Rheumatism with Herbs
    40. Yunnan to Build Herbal Medicine Production Base
    41. Food for Thought for College Students
    42. Eighteenth Century "Curious Herbal" Republished Online
    43. To the Land of Henna and Kohl, Avon Calls
    44. Coriander Seed Crop Fears Start Panic Buying
    45. Plants Send for Help When Hungry Bugs Strike
    46. U.S. Supplement Firms Pledge Anti-Mad Cow Steps
    47. Black Pepper Prices Plunge as Vietnamese Harvest Peaks
    48. Herb Business News

  • 2001/02/28

    1. FDA Warns Food Companies on Herb-spiked Foods
    2. Herbal Remedies May Have Side Effects
    3. Comprehensive Review of St. John’s Wort for Treatment of Depression
    4. Herbal Fertility Boost
    5. Mustard: The Spice of His Life
    6. No More Mr. Spice Guy
    7. Is Chocolate a Health Food?
    8. Two Little Known Disorders are Latest Health Concerns for Women
    9. Alternative Cancer Medicine Needs Better Documentation
    10. Study Confirms Sexual Effects of Horny Goat Weed Formula
    11. Alaska Jury Orders Supplement Firm to Pay $12 Million
    12. Ephedra Education Council Response to Alaska Lawsuit
    13. Salmonella-laced Paprika Recalled
    14. Another Clinton Pardon Stirs Controversy: Herbal Marketer Faces Probe
    15. Pardon Recipient Braswell was Big Contributor to Republican Party
    16. "Secret Recipe" Gets Restaurateurs into Finger-Lickin’ Mess
    17. Companies Fight, Litigate to Keep Chicken Recipe Secret
    18. "Nature’s Viagra" Comes to America
    19. Tempest in a Ginseng Jar: Doctors Up in Arms over Chinese Medicine Decision
    20. Triumph of the Chi: B.C. Gives Official Status to Chinese Medicine
    21. Take One Begonia and Call Me -- Growing Interest in Chinese Herbs
    22. On Mission to Promote Safe Use of Chinese Herbs in the U.S.
    23. China’s Ningxia Hui to Set Up Herbal Medicine Base
    24. Bio-chips Expected to Boost Confidence in Chinese Medicine
    25. How to Cook Chinese Medicinal Herbs
    26. Prices of Bulk Chinese Medicinal Herbs Dropped in 2000
    27. Promising Research on Antimalarials from African Medicinal Plants
    28. Ayodele’s Natural Slimming Remedies
    29. Malawi Herbalist Discovers Anti-HIV/AIDS Drugs
    30. Seeds From Starving Ethiopia Give America Abundant Yields
    31. University Club Embraces Alternative Medicine
    32. Grow Your Own Herbal Pharmacy
    33. Growing Herbs in the Appalachians
    34. Arsenic-eating Fern Could Improve Environment -- Study
    35. Catching Wild Herb Bandits in the Smokies
    36. Herb Business News

  • 2001/01/31

    1. More Than Third of Americans Taking Herbs and Vitamins Daily
    2. Elderly Women’s Herbal Use Studied
    3. Presidential Commission to Study Alternative Medicines
    4. Studies Support Rationale for Stimulant-Free Herbal Weight Loss Products
    5. British Columbia Approves TCM Doctor as a New Regulated Health Profession
    6. Florida Couple Sues Over Diet Supplement They Say Caused Wife’s Stroke
    7. Herbs to Avoid or Use With Caution During Pregnancy
    8. Concern Grows about Kava’s Influence
    9. Herb Experts Clarify Kava Safety
    10. Eye Doctors Voice Concerns about Herbs
    11. Scientists to Study Effects of Ginkgo Biloba
    12. A Look at Supplements: Pharmaton’s Ginkoba
    13. China Imports More Traditional Chinese Medicine Than It Exports
    14. Tibetan Herbal Medicines Coming Down from the Roof of the World
    15. Tibetan Herbal Treatment for Breast Cancer Shows Promise
    16. Proper Patenting Vital to Protect Herbal Remedies
    17. North Carolina Agricultural Commissioner Promotes Native Plant Farming
    18. Malaysian Timber Body to Promote Culitvation of Medicinal Plants
    19. Trade Group Produces New Standard Reference for Common Names of Herbs
    20. Herb Business News

  • 2000/12/31

    1. American Herb Industry Group Launches "Healthy Herb!" Ad Campaign
    2. Burgeoning Health Market Opens Way for Natural Aussie Products
    3. Chemist Finds Wasabi Hot Stuff for Fighting Dental Decay
    4. Subterranean Pot Farm Planned in Manitoba Mine
    5. Ontario Law Lets Doctors Use Alternative Medicine
    6. Study to Assess Tibetan Medicine in Treatment of Breast Cancer
    7. Supplements Derived from Marigolds May Reduce Risk of Blindness
    8. Report Says Hot Steam Dramatically Increases Ginseng’s Potency
    9. The Ephedra Controversy: The Implications
    10. Herbal Supplements: Buyers Beware
    11. Draft Bill Imposes Stricter Controls on Wildcrafting in Montana
    12. Herb Business News

  • 2000/11/20

    1. U.S. Government to Block Imports of Non-Native Plant Species by 2007
    2. Ginkgo Biloba May Ease Air Traveller’s Syndrome
    3. Canadian Herbal Juicing Book Wins ‘Best in the World’ Award
    4. Natural Cold Remedy Created by School Teacher Taking Off in California
    5. University of Virginia Gets $4.1 Million to Train Researchers on Alternative Therapies
    6. FDA Criticized for Being Slow in Establishing Quality Standards
    7. Researchers Say Ephedra Supplements Dangerous
    8. Report on Dietary Supplements with Ephedra Calls for Research to Develop Dose Guidelines, Safety Warnings
    9. Some Herbs Should Be Avoided by Nursing Mothers
    10. Indian State of Kerala Takes on Biopiracy
    11. Indian Government Surveys Demand and Supply of Medicinal Plants
    12. Indian Government Sets Up Medicinal Plant Board
    13. Japan, Nepal Call for Exploitation of Himalayan Herbs
    14. Bangladesh Leader Urges Use of Medicinal Herbs
    15. Mad Rush for Ghanaian Herbalist’s Garlic Bitters
    16. The Relevance Of Herbal Medicine In Africa
    17. Herbal Medicine Has Great Future: Interview of Nigerian Herbalist Ayeni
    18. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine May Cure Viral Hepatitis
    19. China’s Herbal Medicine Needs Tonic
    20. "Medicine Valley" Forming in Shanghai
    21. China Herbal Valley to Be Built in Hubei
    22. Final Organic Regulations Near Completion
    23. Herb Business News

  • 2000/09/30

    1. Herb Research Foundation Responds to CSPI’s Call for Ban of Functional Foods
    2. Cancer Experts Should "Wake Up" to Complementary Therapies
    3. The Promise of Plants
    4. China Asks What’s in the Turtle’s Blood?
    5. Supplement Gives American Olympian the Edge
    6. Supplements Blamed for U.S. Athletic Positive Drug Tests Since 1988
    7. Latvian Olympic Rower Fails Drug Test; Chinese Herbal Medicine Blamed
    8. Ginseng Shows Promise for Diabetics
    9. Arming Migraine Sufferers with a Herbal Fix
    10. Report that Ephedra Reduces Muscle Oxygen Sparks Scramble for Oxygen-enhancing Herbs
    11. Losing Its Fragrance: Over-harvest and Illegal Trade Threaten the Future of Agarwood
    12. Increasing Popularity of Complementary Medicine in U.K.
    13. Independent Pharmacists to Get Access to Database of Herb-Drug Interactions
    14. A Novice’s Guide to Cooking with Herbs and Spices
    15. New Dietary Supplement Addresses All Symptoms of PMS
    16. Traditional Chinese Medicine Gaining Greater International Reputation
    17. Herb Business News

  • 2000/09/02

    1. New Research Confirms St. John’s Wort Relieves Depression
    2. Older Americans Pop Pills to Avoid Cancer; Herbal Mixture May Work
    3. Hold Those Herbs: Mounting Evidence Herbs Interact with Drugs
    4. Herbal Supplements "Could Do More Harm Than Good" -- Professor
    5. Banned Stimulant Ephedrine Seized from Olympic Coach
    6. Florida Father Charged for Hallucinogenic Juice
    7. Slow Herbal Product Sales Hurt Industry Support for Herbal Monographs
    8. Women in Menopause Are Finding Relief; Herbs Part of Mix of Therapies
    9. Alternative Medicine Joins the Mainstream in Britain
    10. Natural Medicine Gains Wide Acceptance in Cuba
    11. Clinton Names Tieraona Low Dog to Alternative Medicine Commission
    12. Economic Growth Spurts from Traditional Plants
    13. New Sugar Beets Fend Off Worm Attackers
    14. Poachers Plunder South Africa’s Floral Treasures
    15. Indian Health Minister Releases Ayurveda Medicinal Plants Database
    16. Rare Medical Books Discovered in China
    17. China Strengthens Control of the Country’s Pharmaceutical Market
    18. Herb Business News

  • 2000/07/30

    1. "Dr. Oregano" Visits Community Devastated by Contaminated Water
    2. Dietary Herbs May Have Contaminated Animal Tissue
    3. British Health Department Investigates Controversal Ugandan AIDS Cure
    4. Runner Cleared of Doping Charges After Researchers Find Dietary Supplements Can Trigger Positive Steroid Test Result
    5. Several Countries Issue Restrictions on St. John’s wort
    6. Lawsuits Filed against Makers of Ephedra Products
    7. Rexall Sundown Sued by U.S. FTC over Herbal Cellulite Product Claims
    8. Rexall Sundown To Defend Against FTC Action
    9. Group Denounces Herbal Functional Food Products
    10. American Mayapple Yields Anti-Cancer Extract
    11. Clinical Study Underway on Benefits of Horny Goat Weed Herbal Sexual Enhancement Supplement
    12. Treating Mental Illness Without Drugs
    13. Biotech Firm Finds New Use for Copper Mine; Grows Genetically Engineered Tobacco Plants for Use in Cancer Treatment
    14. New Technologies for Plant-based Medicines
    15. India Introduces Regulations for Making Traditional Medicines
    16. Indian Government Measures to Boost Herbal Exports
    17. Call for Brazil-India Cooperation in Drugs and Medicinal Plants
    18. Zimbabwean Traditional Herbal Care Can Reverse AIDS Symptoms
    19. Tibetan Medicine Focus of International Symposium
    20. Experts Appraise Tibetan Medicine
    21. Tibetan Medicine Producers Exploring Overseas Markets
    22. Lavender Boom Means Big Business
    23. Herb Business News

  • 2000/05/31

    1. More People Popping Nutritional and Herbal Supplements, Survey Says
    2. Herbalife Founder and Chief Executive Dead at 44
    3. Herbalife Shares Hit 52-week Low After Death of Founder
    4. Fibrous Plants May Help Reduce Cholesterol
    5. Surprise Effect of Herbs in Prostate Cancer -- Study
    6. Inulin Causes Reaction
    7. Ephedra Products Made by AHPA Companies Test Well in Study
    8. Cashing in on Herbal Aids for Impotency
    9. Multinationals Lose Exclusive Rights Over Neem Tree
    10. Naturopathy without License to Become Criminal Offense in Florida
    11. Office of Natural Health Products Transition Team Final Report Issued
    12. Health Freedom Bill Allowing Herbalism Passes in Minnesota
    13. Super Broccoli Plants Bred to Prevent Cancer
    14. Ventures Aim to Put Farms in Pharmaceutical Vanguard
    15. Herb-Drug Interactions Database for Consumers Launched
    16. International Training Program in Aromatic and Medicinal Crops
    17. Canadian Inventor of Franchising Learned from Herbalist
    18. India to Set Up Medicinal Plants Board
    19. India’s Kashmir Eyes Fortune in Medicinal Trees
    20. Mexican Shaman Heals with Human Oven
    21. Chinese Farmer Makes Fortune by Planting Trees and Medicinal Herbs
    22. Chinese Government Prioritizes Biotechnology Industry and Herbs
    23. Ghanaian Government Officially Recognizes Role of Traditional Healers
    24. "Last Herbal Clinic" Offers Affordable Health Care for Ghanaians
    25. The Day Witchdoctors Abandoned Their Old Ways
    26. Herb Business News

  • 2000/04/30

    1. Largest Herbal Event of the New Millenium Planned for July
    2. Single Doses of Herbal Remedies Boost Memory
    3. One Child Dies of Herb Poisoning, 11 Hospitalised
    4. Alert After Poisonous Aconite Plants Stolen
    5. Herbal Cigarettes Not "Safe Alternative"
    6. Chemists Question Safety of Herbal Medicines
    7. Concerns Raised About Ephedra
    8. Supplement Industry Urges FDA Action Against Illegal Products
    9. WHO Experts Meet to Finalize Guidelines for Regulation of Herbs
    10. Aromatherapy for Winters That Won’t End
    11. Trade Group High on Marketing Hemp’s Versatility
    12. Fortification and Spiking: New Problem for the Herb Industry
    13. Pennsylvania-Based Herb Firm Rethinks Expansion
    14. Malaysian Flora May Offer Bio-Pharmaceutical Compounds
    15. China Urged to Develop Convenient Herbal Medicines
    16. China’s Sichuan Province Shifts Focus to Herbal Medicines
    17. Traditional Medicine Preferred by 44% in China
    18. Traditional and Modern Medicine to Be Provided to Mexican Indians
    19. Tibet to Promote Plateau Agriculture, Tourism and Herbal Medicine
    20. Retired Sudanese Teacher Devises Herbal Cure for Goitre
    21. Demand For Herbal Medicine Shoots Up in Kenya
    22. Herbal Medicine Threatens Some Wild Plants
    23. Saskatchewan Farmers Look at Herbal Alternatives to Traditional Crops
    24. Herb Business News

  • 2000/03/30

    1. Six of Eight St. John’s Wort Products Devoid of Active Constituents
    2. U.S. City Legalizes Growing and Using Medical Marijuana
    3. FDA Warns Diabetics about Chinese Herbal Products Containing Drugs
    4. FDA to Withdraw Portions of Ephedra Proposal
    5. Sports Body to Study Herbal Supplements’ Role in Positive Drug Tests
    6. Harvard Medical School Symposium Featured Herb Industry Leader
    7. Herb Production Too Much of a Good Thing
    8. Bankers at Root of Current Herb Glut
    9. Herb Producers’ Unity Not Easy Goal
    10. "Herb Producers’ Unity" Article Inaccurate, Herb Association Says
    11. Medicinal Herb Industry Future in Doubt
    12. Drying Flowers? Let’s Count the Ways
    13. Zambian Scientists Challenged to Develop Local HIV Drugs
    14. Indian Researchers Catalogue 1748 Species of Himalayan Herbs
    15. Chinese Doctors to Indonesian President with Herbal Medicine
    16. Company Donates Herbal Diarrhea Remedy to Aid Mozambique Flood Victims
    17. Indians Warn of Exploitation of Amazonian Medicinal Plants
    18. Herb Business News

  • 2000/02/22

    1. St. John’s Wort Interferes with HIV Drugs
    2. Two Studies Fault St. John’s Wort
    3. St. John’s Wort Drug Interactions: Sorting Fact from Fiction
    4. FDA Reviewing New Regulation for Pregnancy Dietary Supplements
    5. FDA Makes Distinctions for Dietary Supplement Claims
    6. Genetically Engineered Plants May Be Needed for Future - Scientist
    7. Women Clamour for Herbal Aphrodisiac
    8. Ginseng Grower Files for Protection from Creditors
    9. Far-out Flavours; Cooks are Warming Up to New Tastes from Around the World, Adding Zest to Foods with Everything from Ajowan to Za-atar
    10. Western Scientists Work with Traditional Healers to Find Drugs
    11. Philippines Pharmaceutical Company Jumps Into Herbal Market
    12. Chinese Doctors Post Leukemia Therapy on Internet; Treatment Relies on Arsenic, Herbs, and Western Chemotherapy
    13. Awliyaw: Medicinal Podocarpus Tree Largest and Oldest in Ethiopia?
    14. Zambian Women Turn to Traditional Medicine
    15. Visit Great Botanical Gardens Online
    16. Farmers Say Aromatherapy for Cows is an "Udder" Success
    17. Positive Drug Tests Among Athletes Blamed on Dietary Supplements
    18. Dentist Introduces Line of Botanical Remedies for Modern Dentistry
    19. Herb Business News

  • 2000/01/31

    1. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Changes Dietary Supplement Rules
    2. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Unveils Dietary Supplement Strategy
    3. Double-Blind Study Shows Confirms Kava Kava’s Anti-Anxiety Effect
    4. Study Shows Andrographis Could Be Better Than Echinacea for Colds
    5. Drugstore Chain Tracking Customer Herbal Supplement Use
    6. Herbalist to the Stars Premieres Website at Sundance Film Festival
    7. U.S. Firm Believes Single Line of Chinese Herbal Remedies Will Sell in Both China and U.S.
    8. The Viagra of the Valleys: Israeli Liqueur Made with Mandrake Hailed as "Sensational New Aphrodisiac"
    9. Cyprus Monks Revamp Peasant Herbal Cold Cure as Upmarket Aperitif
    10. Chinese Lab to Study Tibetan Medicine and Natural Herbs
    11. African Traditional Medicine Men to Meet in Nairobi
    12. Tanzania Warns Proliferating Chinese Clinics About Unsafe Medicines
    13. Herbalists Aim to Save Malawi’s Trees
    14. Fibroids Increasing in Ghanaian Women; Herbalists Making Problem Worse
    15. New Co-operatives Law to Promote Speciality Crops in Saskatchewan
    16. Provencal Jams Made with Herbs Debut in U.S.
    17. Herb Business News

  • 99/12/31

    1. Herbal Cigarettes Sale to Children Banned in Queensland
    2. Herbal Supplements Can Be Hazardous
    3. Herb Extract "Significantly Boosts Memory" Reearcher Finds
    4. Peppermint Effective in Fight Against Malaria
    5. Indian Scientists Claim To Have Found Herbal TB Killer
    6. Hangover Herbs Promise Y2K Relief
    7. Good News for St. John’s Wort
    8. Willowherb Wonders
    9. Nature’s Little Power Plants Are Cleaning Up Our Act
    10. Starting a Culinary Herb Garden
    11. Western Doctors Studying Eastern Medicine
    12. Medicinal Herbs Gene Bank Set Up in Central China
    13. Digging, Burning Thwart Soda Apple Weed
    14. Midwest Farmers Get a New Crop for a New Millennium
    15. Traditional Chinese Medicine Aims to Make Global Debut
    16. Enhancing Traditional Medicine Practice in Ghana
    17. Saffron Grown in Tibet
    18. WHO Calls for Integration of Traditional Medicine in African National Health Care Systems
    19. Tongkat Ali -- Malaysia’s Very Own ‘Viagra’
    20. Indian Urbanites Revive Ayurvedic Remedies
    21. Seed of Job’s Tears in Short Supply
    22. Herb Business News

  • 99/11/23

    1. Herbalist Charged With Manslaughter
    2. Canadian Health Officials Pull Chinese Herbal Drugs
    3. Only Three Quarters of Ginkgo Biloba Products Have Right Ingredients
    4. Consumers Generally Getting What They Pay for in Herbal Supplements
    5. Amazonian Indigenous Group Savours U.S. Plant Patent Victory
    6. Questions Remain on Patent Rights on Medicinal Plants
    7. Mexican Folk Healers Seek Legalization of Traditional Medicine
    8. Traditional Healers ‘Ignored in AIDS Drive’
    9. Five Ethiopian Traditional Medicines Found Potent
    10. Cannabis-based Medicine in the Works
    11. The Miracle of "Dragon’s Blood"
    12. World Bank Support Likely for Conservation of Medicinal Plants
    13. Indian Medicinal Plants Have "Tremendous Growth Potential"
    14. Northwest China to Build Herbal Medicine Base
    15. High Tech Herbal Drug Company Formed in Shanghai
    16. Herb Business News

  • 99/10/31

    1. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Seizes Cannabis Seed as Narcotic
    2. Libel Lawsuit Against Canadian Herbalist Journal Settled Out of Court
    3. Health Canada Announces Results of Blue-Green Algal Products Testing
    4. A Black Cloud over Blue Cohosh
    5. Fresh Alternatives BroccoSprouts Offers Safe Sprouts to Consumers
    6. U.S. National Institutes of Health Awards University Center $7.9 Million to Study Effectiveness of Dietary Supplements
    7. World Wildlife Fund Seeks End to Use of Endangered Wildlife in Chinese Medicines
    8. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Okays Taxol for Early Breast Cancer, Maker Says
    9. Tibetan Healer Trained in Monastery on U.S. Tour

  • 99/09/26

    1. Herbal Viagra Products Showing Up Next to the Vitamins
    2. Back to Nature Medicines May Prove British Farmers’ Lifeline
    3. Kava a Fixture in Fijian Life
    4. Cannabis: Killer Weed or Holy Herb?
    5. Cooks in Shakespeare’s Day Stirred Up Culinary Arts
    6. Nutrition Expert Argues for Government Control of Dietary Supplements
    7. Changes in Japanese Regulations Encourages Companies to Enter Nutritional Supplements Market
    8. Skin Softening Function Found in Marjoram
    9. Biotechnology No Solution to Threat of Loss of Genetic Diversity
    10. Naturopath Banned for Administering "Legal" Steroid to Race Horses
    11. Rat Poison Mistaken for Cumin Sends Eleven to Hospital
    12. Malaysia Grapples with Impact of International Patents on Herbal Medicine Exports
    13. Filipino Healers Relying on More than Herbs
    14. African Tribal Healers Fight AIDS
    15. African Potato Boosts Immune System in HIV/AIDS Patients
    16. Herb Business News

  • 99/07/30

    1. U.S. FTC Launches "Operation Cure.All"; Four Web Sites Charged
    2. Wide Use of Four Herbs Prompts U.S. NIH to Push for Safety Studies
    3. More Study Needed on Herbal Remedies Say US Doctors
    4. St John’s Wort and Bright Light Can Cause Cataracts
    5. Chinese Medicinal Herb Banned in UK over Kidney Problems
    6. Canadian Herbalism Journal Sued for $7 Million
    7. Lowly Geranium Feasts on Toxins; Scientists Try to Patent Lemon-Scented Marvel
    8. Cuba Doing What Comes Naturally in Medical Care; U.S. Trade Embargo Forces Reversion to Centuries-Old Healing Techniques
    9. Depletion of Rare Kenyan Plants Alarms Experts
    10. China Boasts World’s Largest Seed Bank
    11. African Governments Urged to Enact Laws to Protect Herbalism
    12. Zambian Herbalists Warned Traditional Healers Using Needles Illegally
    13. Traditional Healer Acquires African Potato Immune-Enhancing Formula
    14. Herb Business News

  • 99/06/30

    1. Tempest in a Herbal Teapot; New Office of Natural Health Products Caught in Crossfire
    2. British Columbia Recognizes Chinese Cures; Ancient Herbal Remedies Likely to Be Covered Eventually
    3. Doctors Press for Tighter Laws on Dietary Supplements
    4. Herbs Reported to be Effective against Cancer, Conference
    5. Herbs a Great Help to Menopausal Women, Conference
    6. U.S. Manufacturers Offer Candy Made with Herbs and Vitamins
    7. Plant Diversity at Risk from Herbal Medicine Boom
    8. Coneflower Poachers Assault Public Lands
    9. Oregon Grape Topical Skin Treatment Approved by Health Canada
    10. Studies Show Chinese Cordyceps is Effective in Increasing Energy
    11. Northern Rivers Region of Australia to Become Herbal Medicine Capital
    12. Vietnam Sniffs Out Niche in World Spice Trade
    13. Tibetan Medicine Wins Wide Recognition
    14. China’s First Tibetan Medicine Group Founded
    15. Chinese City is Centre for Wild Forest-Harvested Vegetables and Herbs
    16. Congolese Women Treat Genital Infections With Herbs
    17. Congolese Minister Encourages Traditional Medicine in Hospitals
    18. Potentilla: Attractive Garden Flower and Herb
    19. Herb Business News

  • 99/04/05

    1. Canada Plans New Office to Regulate Herbal Medicines
    2. Herbal Remedy Rifts Unsettle Industry; Drug Manufacturers Trade Allegations in Market Short on Regulations
    3. Herbal Products Testing Methods Misleading Says Industry Association
    4. FDA Rule on Dietary Supplement Labels Takes Effect
    5. FDA Urged to Crack Down on Health Claims for Functional Foods
    6. FDA Meeting to Discuss Health Claims on Dietary Supplement Labels
    7. South Africa to Regulate Traditional Herbal Medicine
    8. Experts Say Herbal Medicine Works But Checks Needed
    9. U.K. Herbalists Fear New Rules Will Cut Jobs
    10. Illegal Echinacea Harvest Could Bring Huge Fines
    11. Sri Lankan Medicinal Plant Conservation Project Criticized
    12. Amazon Tribes Fight U.S. Patent on Sacred Ayahuasca Vine
    13. Workshop to Draft Law to Protect Medicinal Plant Property Rights
    14. Indian Biodiversity Bill to Cover Medicinal Plants
    15. Anesthesiologists Warn to Stop Taking Herbs Before Surgery
    16. Mother Used Cannabis as a Herbal Remedy, Court Told
    17. China Anticipating Pharmaceutical and Herbal Medicine Growth
    18. New Convenient Forms of Chinese Medicines Sought
    19. Japanese Herbal Medicine Maker Reviewing Overseas Business
    20. Big Things Predicted for ‘Nature’s Valium’
    21. Herbal Tonic May Profit South Indian Tribe
    22. Africa Unites to Beat Malaria; Chinese Herb Holds Promise
    23. Red Clover Extract Poised to Revolutionize Prostate Health Management
    24. Taiwan To Market Cigarettes Mixed With Herbs
    25. Indonesian Herbal Medicines Could Save Government Millions
    26. U.S. to Encourage Growers to Tap Germplasm Resources
    27. Herb Seed Pioneer Dies
    28. Herb Business News

  • 99/03/03

    1. Infertility Study Results Distorted by Media
    2. Herbs Could Impair Fertility, Study Finds
    3. Irish Herbal Doctor Concocts Female Sex Pill
    4. Thailand Says No Proof Bitter Cucumber Helps AIDS
    5. Echinacea May Not Prevent Colds; A New Study in The American Journal of Medicine Questions the Effectiveness of the Popular Herbal Remedy
    6. Ginkgo and Echinacea Among Top 10 Most Popular Dietary Supplements
    7. Nutraceutical Markets Grow Despite Increasing Industry Regulation
    8. U.S. Natural Supplements Industry $12 Billion in 1998, Grew by 10%
    9. Warning About Chinese Herbal Skin Creams
    10. Doctors Demand More Regulation of Chinese Medicine
    11. Opium-Laced Soup Landing Shanghai Eateries In Hot Water
    12. New Australian Bill Will Speed Approval for Herbal Products
    13. Herbal Breast Firming and Enhancement Cream Released
    14. College of Pharmacy to Dedicates Medicinal Garden
    15. Fragrance Garden Perfumes Air
    16. Chinese Horticulture Expo Includes Herb Garden Display
    17. Herb Business News

  • 99/02/03

    1. Viagra Makers Block Sex Drink ‘Viagrene’ in Britain
    2. World Vitamin, Diet Supplement Sales Soar
    3. One Effect Of U.S. Law on Diet Supplements Is Less Regulation
    4. Cultivating Quality
    5. Conference for Pharmacists Seeking Share of Natural Products Business
    6. Hong Kong to Regulate Chinese Medicine
    7. Chinese Exports of Ephedrine to Be Regulated; Some Herbs to Be Banned
    8. Angolan Association to "Defend and Develop" Traditional Medicine
    9. Herb Business News

  • 98/12/31

    1. Plant Dubbed ‘Nature’s Viagra’
    2. There’s More to Echinacea Than Meets the Common Cold
    3. Just What the Doctor Ordered... Herbs for the Holidays
    4. Christmas Holly Has Healing Powers: Study
    5. Sugar-busters Resort to Herbs and Spices for Weight Control Help
    6. Catholic Church Says Local Malawian Herbs Helping AIDS Patients
    7. Australian Medical Association Warns Herbal Cigarettes Not Harmless
    8. Giant Reishi Mushroom Donated to Research
    9. Ghanaian Government Asked to Support Traditional Medicine
    10. Chinese City Vows to Become Herbal Medicine Centre
    11. Richters 1999 Catalogue Features Breakthrough in Basil
    12. Herb Business News

  • 98/11/30

    1. Canadian House of Commons Committee Recommends Overhaul of NaturalHealth Products Regulation
    2. Cranberry’s Healing Powers Isolated
    3. Kava Sales Intoxicating Fiji’s Farmers
    4. Ethiopia Relies on Medicinal Plants for Primary Health Care
    5. Herb Business News

  • 98/10/14

    1. Allheal Found Effective Against Herpes
    2. Health Canada Foaming over Body Shop’s Hemp
    3. Norway Gets Tough on Khat
    4. Swiss Case Tests Legality of Selling Marijuana as ‘Potpourri’
    5. Busted for Possession of Herbs
    6. Trade in Bark Treatment for Prostate Cancer Threatens Tree
    7. Bio-pirates Stealing Traditional Wisdom Say Sri Lankan Scientists
    8. Big Companies Reap Big Profits from African Herbal Knowledge
    9. Herbal Remedies Offer New Opportunities for South Africa
    10. Pharmaceutical-Style Testing Promoted By Booming Herb Industry
    11. German E Monographs Selling Well, Herbal PDR Soon to Be Available
    12. Herb Business News

  • 98/09/27

    1. Herb-Laced Chips Promote Well-Being
    2. Ex-Doctor Spared Prison in Tea Death
    3. Lines Fading Between Complementary and Conventional Medicine
    4. U.S. Medical Journal Denounces Alternative Medicine
    5. One in Three Doctors Recommends Herbal Supplements To Patients
    6. Coffee-bean Chemical Eyed as HIV Preventive
    7. Hyperforin is a Key to St. John’s Wort, Researchers Say
    8. Farmer Plows Under Hemp Crop
    9. Bigelow Empire Built on Flavoured Teas
    10. Zimbabwe’s Vuka-Vuka Reportedly More Potent Than Viagra
    11. Hollywood Celebrities Hitting Up Herbalists
    12. Nutraceutical Excitement Offers PR Opportunities
    13. Herb Business News

  • 98/08/30

    1. Third of Cancer Patients Seek Alternative Medicine
    2. American Hospital to Study Anti-Depressant Herbal Medicine
    3. Rogaine Maker Sues Regain Herbal Hair Treatment Marketer
    4. Home Run Chase Aided by Chinese Herb
    5. Chinese Herbal Medicine Industry Growing
    6. Chinese Center for Endangered Species Established
    7. Plant Touted as ‘Lebanese Viagra’
    8. Pfizer Deal to Develop South African Herbal Treatment for Obesity
    9. Lethal Brew and Deadly Herb Kill 40 in Kenya
    10. Ugandan Herbalists Demand Creation of Ministry of Traditional Medicine
    11. Herbalists Now Hold Sway in Zambian Shanties
    12. AIDS Patients Flock to Herbalists in Rwanda
    13. Lavender Oil Yield Up in Bulgaria14 Herb Business News

  • 98/07/25

    1. Michigan Doctor Convicted for Injecting Cancer Patient with Essiac
    2. Rare Fungus Threatens California Rain Soaked Garlic Crop
    3. Thousands Flock to Garlic Festival
    4. Natural Products Industry Market Capitalization Reaches $15 Billion
    5. Herb Gardens Stir Romance
    6. Chinese Herbal Medicines Gaining Smooth Entry into Western Markets
    7. Vancouver Island Hemp Farmer Has Crop in Field, Feet on Ground
    8. Dinosaur Grazed on Culinary Herbs
    9. Commercial Herb Growing Conference Set for October 24
    10. Herb Business News

  • 98/06/20

    1. Call to Save European Wild Medicinal Plants
    2. Study Finds Garlic Does Not Lower Cholesterol
    3. Garlic Study Not Applicable to Most U.S. Garlic Products
    4. Manufacturer Denies Ephedra Product Caused Death
    5. Family of Student Who Died from Herbal Ecstasy Settles Suit
    6. Herbal Mystic Carlos Casteneda Dead
    7. China’s "Golden Triangle" to Get Major Investment in Herbal Medicine
    8. U.S. Herb Importer Launches Court Challenge to Stop FDA Interference
    9. St. Johnswort Harvest Begins
    10. North American Study to Test St Johnswort Against Severe Depression
    11. The Bud In This Beer Is A Bit Of Marijuana
    12. Kava Root is Hot Herb for Anxiety
    13. Adverse Reactions to Herbal Products Monitored in California
    14. Herb Business News

  • 98/05/27

    1. FDA Checks Ginseng Products for Possible Fungicide Contamination
    2. PharmaPrint Says U.S. Ginseng Supply Batch Contaminated with Fungicide
    3. Hauser Issues Statement on Ginseng Contamination
    4. Warning Issued on Chinese Herbal Remedy
    5. U.S. Survey Finds Alternative Medicine Users Come from All Backgrounds
    6. Herbal Medicine Used to Treat Kidney Transplant Patients
    7. Indians Turning to Tibetan Medicine
    8. Overharvesting of Licorice Blamed for Dust Storms in China
    9. Herb Business News

  • 98/04/26

    1. FDA to Restrict Herbal and Dietary Pill Claims
    2. Ugandan Herbal AIDS Remedy to Undergo Clinical Testing
    3. War Against Coca and Opium Poppy May Harm Amazon
    4. Herbal Imitations Surface as New Anti-Impotence Drug Takes Off
    5. Organic Hydroponic Venture to Produce Lettuce, Herbs, Edible Flowers
    6. Herbal Help for Florida Gardeners
    7. Herb Research Foundation Refutes Claim Echinacea is Ineffective
    8. More Americans Than Ever Are Hungry for Herbal Supplements
    9. "The Herbal Bed" Creaks on Broadway
    10. Herb Business News
    11. Correction: Melatonin in Herbs

  • 98/02/28

    1. Lemon Geraniums Absorb Toxic Waste
    2. Spicy Alternative in Fusarium War; Extracts from Hot Peppers Can Send the Pathogen Packing
    3. Echinacea: Deep Healing Roots
    4. Herbal Medicine Technology Park Set for Australia
    5. Melatonin Reported Found in Three Herbs
    6. Herb Business News

  • 98/01/31

    1. Garlic Linked to Supple Aortas
    2. Herbal Medicine: Traditional Remedies in Modern Life
    3. Chinese Swim Team Siezed Drugs May Have Been Herbal Medicines
    4. Namibian Traditional Healers Betray AIDS Ignorance
    5. Nationwide Study on Alternative Health Confirms America’s Growing Acceptance
    6. Herb Business News

  • 97/12/14

    1. Alzheimer’s Patients Remember Better with Tree Extract
    2. Whither, Evening Primrose Oil
    3. Jambo Baldly Goes Where No Chimp Has Gone Before; Potion Made from Hedgerow Plants Helps Balding Chimp
    4. Medicine Rooted in Old Tibet
    5. Thai Government Passes Up Pest-free Cotton Plant Amid Fears of Havoc to the Environment and Traditional Medicine
    6. Adelma Simmons, Authority on Herbs Dies at 93
    7. Gertrude Foster, American Herb Authority Dies
    8. Herb Business News

  • 97/10/17

    1. Garlic Growers Seek Extension of Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Garlic
    2. Nature’s Way Denies Charges of Codex Conspiracy
    3. U.S. Federal Trade Commission Requires Herbal Ecstacy Warning
    4. Seven States File Suits to Stop Sale of Herbal Ecstacy
    5. Crackdown on Herbal Drugs Advertising
    6. St. Johnswort Popular After Diet Drug Ban
    7. Starting a Culinary Herb Garden
    8. Hillary Clinton Visits Women’s Forestry and Medicinal Herbs Project
    9. Herb Business News

  • 97/10/07

    1. Ottawa Alters Stand on Herbal Cures; Makers, Distributors to be Spared Licencing
    2. Ginseng Caution
    3. Wisconsin Ginseng Growers Nabbed for Illegal Pesticide Use
    4. St. John’s Wort Study Launched
    5. Sales of Herbal Alternative Gen-Fen Soar After FDA Ban of Phen-Fen
    6. New Lemon Basil AAS Winner for 1998
    7. Shop May Face Court After ‘Herbal Highs’ Raid
    8. FDA Publishes Diet Label Guidelines
    9. Herb Business News

  • 97/09/18

    1. Senna May Replace Cancer-Causing Chemical in Ex-Lax
    2. New Treatment for Menopause Made from Red Clover
    3. Herbal ‘FenPhen’ Alternatives Causing Concerns
    4. Sage May Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
    5. Green Tea Touted as Better Antioxidant Than Vitamins E, C and Red Wine
    6. Genital Herbs Associated with Increased Cervical Cancer in Zimbabwe
    7. Herb Business News

  • 97/08/18

    1. Vietnamese Doctor Uses Herbs to Fight Addictive Drugs
    2. Garlic: A Lively Performer in Folklore and Cuisine
    3. New Chinese Treatment for Leukemia
    4. Florida Bans Three Herbal Products
    5. Ugandan Researchers Cure Malaria with Herbs
    6. Survey Reveals 15% of Canadians Rely on Alternative Medicine
    7. Herb Business News

  • 97/07/03

    1. Ottawa Delays New Regulations for Herbal, Homeopathic Remedies
    2. A Daily Dose of Garlic Helps to Keep Your Ticker Ticking
    3. Down-home to Exotic, Food Choices Broadening in Future
    4. Vietnamese Herbal Treatement for Drug Addiction to Undergo Trials
    5. Herb Business News

  • 97/06/09

    1. Pesto! Home-grown Herbs Right on Balcony
    2. Miracle Herbal Fish Cure Draws 300,000 Patients in India
    3. Traditional Healers in Namibia Team Up with Government
    4. United States’ FDA Proposes Ephedrine Crackdown
    5. Restrictions on Goldenseal Trade Proposed
    6. Medical Research Institute to Study Alternative Healthcare Products
    7. Inadequate Laws Threaten Indian Medicinal Plants
    8. Herb Business News

  • 97/03/25

    1. Natural Medicines Could Cost More, Canadian Coalition Contends
    2. Canadian Expedition to Tibet Produces New Antibiotic and Cure for Hepatitis B
    3. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Not Without Risks
    4. Herb Business News

  • 97/02/15

    1. Drug Shortages a Boon for Roadside Healers in Tanzania
    2. ‘Natural Nurse’ Brings Herbal Advice To Arizona
    3. Memory Enhancing Drugs on the Horizon?
    4. North Dakota House Approves Industrial Hemp Study
    5. Japanese Herb Doctors Visit Uganda
    6. Kudzu-Based Hangover Remedy Now Available
    7. Ginseng Winning Over Investors; North American Market $300-Million
    8. Herb Business News

  • 97/02/04

    1. More Canadians Try Alternative Medicine, Two-Year Study Finds
    2. Where Herbs Thrive in Dead of Winter
    3. Richters: Herbal Haven
    4. New Magazine Focuses on Alternative Health Care
    5. Schoolchildren Suspended for Having Herbal Pills
    6. Uproar over "Herbal Ecstacy" in Australia
    7. Herb Business News

  • 97/01/26

    1. Scientist Clones Ginseng
    2. Flax Tested in Breast Cancer Battle
    3. Garlic Fails Fat Test
    4. India Going Back to Traditional Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
    5. Indian Herbal Tablets Help Alcoholics
    6. Herbal Treatments Replacing Modern Medicine in Zimbabwe
    7. Echinacea: Does It Cure What Ails Ya? Indians Thought So
    8. Traditional Herbal Healers Making Progress in Treating AIDS
    9. Herb Business News

  • 97/01/04

    1. Company Claims Kava Kava Product Not Guilty of Causing Sickness
    2. Nepal to Promote Herbal Planting in Rural Areas
    3. Zimbabwean Traditional Healers Preying on AIDS Sufferers
    4. New Herbal Treatment for Cellulite
    5. Ginger: A Year-Round Seasoning Herb with Curative Properties

  • 96/12/26

    1. Tibetan Traditional Medicine Enjoys World Popularity
    2. Chinese Herbal Medicine Entering American Market
    3. Experts Successful in Cultivating Ginseng-like Herb
    4. Herb Business News

  • 96/12/07

    1. Herbs and the Brain: Psychiatrists are Looking at Herbal Remedies and Other Traditional Chinese Practices in the Treatment of Mental Illness
    2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Enjoys Rapid Growth

  • 96/11/16

    1. Rosemary Makes a Good Topiary
    2. Four Women Die in Mexican Witchcraft Rite
    3. Honduran Indians Threatened; Rich Knowledge of Local Medicinal Plants May Disappear
    4. Shaman Pharmaceuticals’ Herbal Drug Effective Against Diarrhea
    5. Herb Business News

  • 96/11/06

    1. Hundreds Talk Herbs Here
    2. Central Chinese County Becomes Major Medicinal Plant Centre
    3. Herb Business News

  • 96/10/28

    1. Herbal Expert Tells How to Jump Start Body’s Natural Fat Burning Process
    2. Vancouver Hospital Opens Chinese Medicine Institute
    3. Secret of Chinese Herbal Medicines Decoded By Expert
    4. Herbal Cancer Drug ‘Well Tolerated’ in Safety Trial
    5. Germany Legalizes Hemp without the High
    6. Mystique of South American Mate
    7. Guarani Mate Legends
    8. Mate Tea -- A Major Crop In South America
    9. The Culinary Magic of Fennel
    10. Pressed Flowers Keep Torch of Summer Throughout Winter
    11. Zambian Traditional Healers Want to Work with Western Medicine to Find Cure for AIDS
    12. Bangladeshis Lured by Healers’ Ads
    13. Business News: Nature’s Sunshine, Herbalife and 4Health Report Large Increases in Sales

  • 96/10/09

    1. China’s Herbal Medicine Market Estimated to be $3 Billion
    2. Singapore Company Invests $3 Million in Chinese Herbal Medicine
    3. HMOs Experimenting with Coverage of Alternative Medicine; Herbal Remedies Included

  • 96/10/04

    1. Herbal Energy Technology from India Clears the Mind and Balances the Body
    2. Indian "Fuel-From-Herbs" Claim Found to Be a Fraud
    3. Chinese Herbal Medicines Popular in US Market
    4. US Company Receives Millions for Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine
    5. Herbal Expert Tells How to Kick Start Body’s Natural Fat Burning Process
    6. New Watch on Herbal Remedies

  • 96/09/24

    1. Chinese Fair of Medical Herbs Proves Very Profitable
    2. Increasing Role for African Traditional Herbal Medicine
    3. Herbal Medicine in Vogue in Jamaica
    4. Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry Urged to Exploit Local Herbs
    5. Indian Dropout Claims He Can Make Fuel from Herb

  • 96/09/12

    1. Two Charged with Ginseng Trafficking
    2. Horseradish is a Family Business
    3. Patent Issued for Possible AIDS Treatment Derived from Mistletoe
    4. Herbalist Invents AIDS Mixture in Benin

  • 96/09/03

    1. Brazilians Sing Praise of Miracle Cure - Marijuana
    2. Rhodiola Production in Tibet
    3. Chinese Doctor Treats Severed Finger With Medicine

  • 96/08/30

    1. FDA Panel Splits on Ephedrine
    2. General Nutrition Reformulates Ephedra Products

  • 96/08/25

    1. Save Money by Growing Own Ginseng
    2. Coca Farmers Turn Violent

  • 96/08/20

    1. Shaman Pharmaceuticals’ Provir Demonstrates Initial Indication of Efficacy in Treating Diarrhea
    2. Alternative Remedies Under Threat in Australia
    3. Mint Oils May Save Honeybees
    4. Chinese Province Develops Herbal Medicine

  • 96/03/12

    1. Chinese Herb May be Last Line of Defense Against Malaria
    2. Richters Antimalarial Herb Going Up in Space Shuttle

  • 96/02/11

    1. Well-known Mayan Herbalist Dies

  • 96/01/04

    1. Treatment Utilizing Plant-Derived Drug Hailed as Major Breakthrough against Ovarian Cancer

  • 95/12/24

    1. Professional Herb Growers’ Conference Scheduled Oct. 26, 1996
    2. Herb Growers’ Conference Topics and Registration Information
    3. Arrest Follows 1993 Poison Seizure; Man Tried to Smuggle Enough Ricin into Canada to Kill Thousands, U.S. Authorities Say

  • 95/10/25

    1. Herb Suppliers Travel World; Search is on for New Plants

  • 95/09/19

    1. Now is the Time to Harvest Roots to Make Home Remedies

  • 95/09/12

    1. Tibetan Anti-Fatigue Herb to Help Chinese Divers

  • 95/09/08

    1. Some Patients Better Off Not Taking Drugs
    2. Oregano Hair Detangler?

  • 94/09/07

    1. Drug Derived from Herb Used to Rob or Rape Victims

  • 95/09/02

    1. Herbs Block Alcohol Absorption

  • 95/07/08

    1. A Few Words on the Herb of Mars
    2. Gold Medal-Winning Aphids

  • 95/06/12

    1. A Drug ‘Only a Tree Would Make’ Raises Big Questions

  • 95/06/05

    1. Ginseng on the Up and Up; McMaster Team Finds Chemical in Root That Can Alleviate ‘Erectile Dysfunction’

  • 95/06/04

    1. Government Cracks Down on Popular Chinese Remedy
    2. Arguments for the Defense of Coca Leaf in the Natural State

  • 95/05/08

    1. Cancer Breakthrough Sought in Canola

  • 95/04/23

    1. "Miracle" Mushroom Tea Cures Sweep Fiji
    2. Garlic Pollution

  • 95/04/07

    1. Fungus Enlisted in Cancer Fight; Researchers Pin Hopes on Pigment in Chinese Remedy
    2. Scents of Wellness

  • 95/03/31

    1. Natural Herbs Created from Artificial Seeds

  • 95/03/21

    1. Flaxseed Seen as Cancer Fighter; Grain Has Compound That Seems to Slow Breast Tumour Growth in Rats

  • 95/03/14

    1. New Plant-based Anti-Cancer Drug on the Market
    2. Secret Spice Turns Hazardous

  • 95/02/14

    1. Beneficient Neem Tree a Storehouse of Cures
    2. Garlic Grown from Seeds

  • 95/01/28

    1.Plant Could Kill Those Seeking Highs

  • 95/01/14

    1. Scientists Launch Garlic Centre in New York
    2. Medicine from the Garden: Common Annual Flower is Surprisingly Useful for Healing

  • 94/12/28

    1. New Anti-Cancer Drug Derived from Vinca Effective Against Lung Cancer

  • 94/12/13

    1. Synthetic Version of Cancer Drug No Less Expensive; New Taxol Will Still Be Too Costly for Most Medical Plans and Patients

  • 94/12/06

    1. Scientists Hoping to Bark Up Right Tree

  • 94/07/26

    1. Contraception the Natural Way; Herbs Have Played Role From Ancient Greece to Modern-Day Appalachia

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