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Seeding in PotMaker Paper Pots

Another great way of seeding is directly into pots made from strips of newspaper. All you need to make a pot is newspaper cut to three an a half inches by ten inches and, of course, the PotMaker tool.


It’s very easy and it really works!

[Making Paper Pot]

Fill the paper pot with germination mix, seed as you normally would, cover with vermiculite, and keep moist.

[Seeding Paper Pots]

The newspaper will begin to disintegrate after about 2 months. The example on the left was seeded about 6 weeks before this seminar and the paper is just beginning to disintegrate. On the right is a newly seeded thyme pot.

[Thyme in Paper Pot]

This is a particularly great method of seeding plants that are difficult to transplant to the garden. Dill and parsley are two examples that immediately come to mind as plants that do not like to be transplanted. Both have tap roots that are sensitive to disturbances in the root zone. There is virtually no shock to the root system when the plant goes into the garden. The roots gorw through the paper.

[Herbs Growing in Paper Pots]

The PotMaker is a wonderful environmentally friendly way to use up your old newspapers.

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