St Johnswort, Seeding Rate, Spacing, etc.
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: L. O. Heise
Posted on: April 4, 1998

I am interested in planting St. Johns Wort. Three questions

1. What is the rate per acre of pounds or kilos per acre?

The planting rate for St Johnswort is 0.2-0.8 kg per hectare (ca. 0.2-0.8 lbs per acre).

2. What is the recommended spacing of the plants?

We recommend that you space the plants in rows 20 to 90 cm apart and 20-30 cm apart within the rows.

3. What are the fertilizer and water requirments, and preferred soil pH, and weather conditions?

The plants like well-drained, somewhat dry soil. They are not fussy about pH, nor do they need a rich soil or fertilizer -- except in very poor soil. Light fertilization after harvesting is a good idea.

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