Growing Herbs for Market in a Dry Environment with Only Cloud Moisture
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Mahealani
Posted on: December 29, 1998

I am interested in not only growing traditional Hawaiian herbs, but also herbs that are used internationally.

I would like to know what types I can plant in a dry, high altitude environment, where they have to live on cloud mist as water and have a market value. This area of land is on the side of Haleakala, a volcano. I think the soil is great, however... the forests that used to protect plant life there, had been wiped out for foreign trade and the natural cloud cover has nothing to hold onto, so it moves off across the ocean.

You might want to try a few plants to start with and continue with those that seem to do well. Some suggestions would be Aloe vera, neem, San Pedro cactus, pine nut, oreganos, thistles, vetiver grass, wormwoods, yarrows, yucca, some of the everlastings.

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