Summer 1999 Market Conditions
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Richard
Posted on: August 15, 1999

Things are not picking up. I have plenty of buyers who are not buying now because inventories are full for the moment (July, 1999). What do you know about current market conditions?

This is what I know at this time regarding herb markets:

1. The sale of 148,000 lbs. of feverfew would like to happen. China is stalling, probably because of money difficulties.

2. While inventories are full with St Johnswort, Echinacea, Kava, and several others specific markets, no one hass any of the other herbs in stock at this time. Mostly they are waiting to see what and who does what first.

3. Current sales of most pharmaceuticals is off by 30% this date. This is due to the fact that with many products put on shelves during a record year of sales (1998), most manufacturers were cutting corners with bogus labeling. The herbs did not "deliver," and the fickle public is now wanting some sort of assurance before purchase. "Does it really help depression." Most poor-grade St Johnswort on the market did not, while the real stuff did.

4. The markets are still quite stable, as people like myself are still making sales. I sold Catnip and Ginseng this week, and Oregon Grape, Prince’s Pine last week -- all for export, so domestic markets WILL PURCHASE by November. Fact in stone. And, since availability will be down, prices will be up. Mark my words.

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