Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Hilary Rinaldi
Posted on: December 20, 1999


Thank you so much for the help and information! I didn’t think you would respond that quickly or thoroughly. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

If you are looking to organize other seminars in California I would love to help. I can’t attend Alberta at this late a date, but something closer would be great.

We are having a meeting tonight about the dyer and other business topics, so other questions may arise and I appreciate your willingness to answer any further questions we may have.

Take care, you may hear from me again soon.

Sorry you won’t be able to make Calgary, but I’d love to offer a workshop in California. I did a number of them up in the Trinity Alps years ago, and there are still "pockets" of growers from Hayfork and Mad River. Perhaps there may be interest in your group [for a workshop]?

I’m also available as an outside consultant, to help get projects and small farms off the ground. My website is still under development. You can get some idea as to "how I might help" you in your projects and goals. For that due diligence, please go to, and then to the Q/A section under "commercial cultivation." This is my area of expertise.

I also have several large farms in Fort Jones and the Sacramento area. Calgary will be a light turnout because of the weather (64 registered). The one I did at the Acres Conference had more than 780 for the 3-hour talk, and 72 for the 2-day workshop.

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