St Johns Wort in Montana
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Steve Simonson
Posted on: January 18, 2000

In the commercial Q & A page an inquiry from a Bob Waters east of the continental divide in Montana came in. He was inquiring about growing St Johns Wort. This herb is considered a noxious weed in Montana and we as agricultural producers are not able to grow this plant legally. I’d appreciate it if you would email Mr. Waters and keep him out of trouble. Ralph Peck is our Ag director and the State has a web site if he’d like to confirm this.

Several western U.S. states and many western counties consider St. Johnswort as a noxious weed. Usually, it is possible to apply for special permission to grow St. Johnswort commercially. The process involves an application form and may require posting a modest bond. We are aware of large growers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington who have gone this route successfully.

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