Mullein Herb
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Joe Stearns
Posted on: February 5, 2000

Would you or someone that you know be interested in procuring or brokering a large quantity of Mullein? I have available a large amount of private, pesticide-free Montana rangeland covered with Mullein waiting to be wildcrafted next summer.

Thanks for thinking of me with your marketing needs. Mullein Herb is a rather limited market, with probably less than 30,000 lbs. used in North America. I don’t (yet) have a source of supply for my markets, and would willing to consider your crop for 2000.

When I lived in the Okanagans, I used to put this amount in less than five days (including field drying). I have written detail on how is should be harvested as a chapter in my book," Native Plants Of Commercial Importance". You might like to review that, as drying it uniformly (stem and leaf) takes some skill.

Prices begin at US$0.90/lb., F.O.B., in baled form. This is semi-competitive with imports from India ($0.65/lb.). Most buyers prefer domestic sources to produce it in "chipped" form (cut) and sacked. That price $1.25/lb., FOB. I could probably sell up to 20,000 lbs. this year, with a 10% commission for acting as a broker.

You have other native plants you might want to consider from your region. Bear Grass and Cones are only the tip of that iceberg.

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