Chinese Herb Market
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Sue Cochrane
Posted on: September 18, 2001

I note that in your information about particular Chinese herbs such as scullcap and astragalus you offer information about the current market for each herb and the hectares planted etc. I am trying to compile a report on the international market for each Chinese herb and would like to know what your sources are for this and whether I could get access to these. I am undertaking this report to assist the establishment of local Chinese herb cultivation and to guide decisions about which herbs to focus our attention on. I would welcome your assistance.

This was forwarded me for comment. I was the source for this information, basically unpublished anywhere in the world (as of 2001). It will be clearer how I arrived at these figures from my marketing 30 years of experience in a new book, available at later this year.

This week I am working on a book on Processing Techniques for the herb and spice trade. The one you will want will be called Economic Outlooks, and should be available by December. It basically traces my sources of information, and how I arrive at "best guess" scenarios. This will become a foundation from which to upgrade best estimates.

Originally, Economic Outlooks was published as a semi-technical paper in American Vegetable Grower in 1989, and has been continuously updated each year.

I would be happy to help make your report more complete as an outside consultant (as I did for Richters). Please feel free to call me at Northwest Botanicals, Inc (541) 476-5588 Or, you could wait until the book is ready for download at the above website. This book focuses on the top 50 selling botanicals in the world, but has been detailed for other crops not mentioned.

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