Commercial Stevia Production in Ecuador
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: S. Duran-Ballen
Posted on: March 20, 2002

My name is Sixto Duran from Quito Ecuador and we work in public works biddings and diversified farming and horse growing, among other activities.

We have in hands some loose leaves with brief descriptions of STEVIA, blends, basic details of growing requirements, FAQs and comments in general.

We at this time would like to contact someone for commercial contacts, for buying initial seeds and plants, receive initial technical orientation and methods for growth.

Please advise to whom can we consult and have a better understanding of a forecast of economical conditions for commercializing and exports.

I don’t know anyone who is expert in all aspects of stevia production and commercialization. Stevia is a relatively new crop that is still developing and the expertise that does exist is still limited.

Dr. Jim Brandle of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (a Canadian government institution) has been working on stevia to develop new varieties for the stevia industry. I am not sure if he is still active in stevia research, but you can read about his work in the "Selected Resources for Growers" section of our website.

Dr. Brandle presented his research work at Richters Third Commercial Herb Growing Conference. You can purchase the transcripts of that conference from Richters; it is available from the "Online Catalogue" section of our website.

Richters can supply seeds or plants and can provide basic production information on stevia.

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