Growing Herbs in Argentina
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Oscar Gustavo Agilar
Posted on: August 12, 2003

First of all I wish to introduce myself. I am an argentine agricultural engineer who lives in Escobar, 50 kms. from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have some experience on growing flowering pot plants, bedding plants and organic horticulture. From now on I will begin to grow exotic scented herbs in order to sell them to plant nurseries. I am also interested in the essential oils extraction subject.

Firstly, I would ask you for some information to begin with. I would be very grateful if you could tell me which is the basil species whose flavor is the same as the pineapple flavor.

I have never heard of a pineapple-scented basil. If there were such a variety of basil, it would be quite a sensation in the herb industry. There are basils with lemon and lime scents, as well as basils with anise, cinnamom, clove and spice scents.

I would also need to know if you if you could sell packets of seeds to me. If so, I would need to know whether there are freight costs, the minimmal quantities you could send to me, and how could I pay you.

We ship our seeds worldwide. There is a flat handling charge of $5 for shipments of seed packets and bulk seeds in packages under 1 kg. You can order just one packet of seeds or many packets, for the same $5 charge. There is no additional shipping charge, unless you request shipment by a faster means than airmail. We do recommend, however, that shipments be sent by registered mail if your country’s postal service is not secure. There is a $10 charge for mail registration.

Before ordering, you should check with your agricultural authorities on your country’s seed import restrictions. Many countries impose restrictions on what seeds and plants can be imported, and there may be special documentation required such as a phytosanitary certificate. Any special requirements or documentation are charged at cost. You can email our commercial department ( for a quote if there are any special requirements.

The easiest way to order is online at our website Click on the "Catalog ONLINE" link and follow the links from there. You can pay for online orders by Visa or MasterCard.

If you prefer to send your order by mail, you can use the online catalog to make your selections and then send your list together with an international money order in U.S. dollars. Be sure to include $5 for handling, $10 for mail registration, and, if required, any additional fees for special requirements that your government requires.

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