Herb Extract Production Advice
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Evgeni Pavlov
Posted on: April 22, 2004

I am a herb extract producer from Bulgaria. I want to enlarge my production -- "to take it out of my garage". But for this I need a machine that extracts the [actives] needed out of the plant in a production line. I think that these are called macerators and percolators. Any information about producers or sellers of such machines will be appreciated. My idea is to produce a soap-like product solely made of herb extract -- with no other ingredients.

Macerators and percolators are part of the "next level" of production. Often it is best to visit a used equipment dealer, to understand what wore out and why. My two best are Clark Machine Sales (Huntington Beach, CA) and Aaron Machine Sales (Chicago, IL).

I also like to walk various "bone yards," where the machinery is stored. Aaron’s is almost six blocks wide... In Yakima, WA there are a number of auction houses that will auction a business and machinery -- whole plants, often on location.

Before anything, however, you must be able to grind the product down. The smaller the particle-size, the less solvent is required. Cost of extraction ratios. That’s your mill, and the most common one is a 3H Micropul (twin-stirrup) hammer mill. Stainless guts, 20 HP 3-Phase.

Lots to learn, lots to make mistakes on. Tincture plants are not my specialty, but I know those who have them (like Bio Botanica). I am available as an outside consultant. If I don’t know something, I know where to look.

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