Wild Simulated Ginseng Market
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Denise Thelen
Posted on: December 04, 2004

I read your response to the falling ginseng market. Were you referring to artificial shade grown ginseng? What about wild simulated market?

Prices have dropped terribly in the cultivated ginseng markets this last year because of remaining inventories from last and previous years’ harvests.

Most growers would like to enjoy any kind of sale before Christmas, because even currently sales are down by more than $5/lb. A typical four year-old root, COG [certified organic grown] and Forest Grown, is now selling for $28/lb. That’s terrible, and almost marginal for continued cultivations. Not more than five years ago, this same crop sold easily for $100/lb.

China is part of this problem, but more was what happened up in BC with the quintazine laws, and the large forced-growth productions. It ruined everything, and had effects even into other herb trade. Look for clearing in those markets sometime late this year or next.

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