Herbs from Costa Rica
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Carl Lawrence
Posted on: December 08, 2004

I am wondering if there would be a possibility of growing any type of herbs here in Costa Rica for the U.S. market. The soil here is good and there are many farmers willing to grow organic herbs.

Only just this AM on a Sunday morning I received a request for

PISCIDIA ERYTHRINA BARK (Jamaica Dogwood) (350kg)



All of which will grow in Costa Rica. With your inquiry, I may have more than just one reason to visit Costa Rica. A good friend (Paton Miller) just bought a farm in Costa Rica and would like me to come and visit. I can’t with the current incomes I enjoy, but absolutely would be willing to "sing for my dinner." I understand most costs, including airfair, are nominal?

In any case, with a better understanding of the irrigation water, sun, soil and other resources (mill, sifting), I could probably make up a solid game plan. How about a visit for my giving an 8-hour intensive workshop? This would allow me to walk around and look at your resources, as they now exist. Just a thought.

The markets are quite open right now for specific crops from you country, especially spices. And, with a firm market-plan in hand, there is no reason why agriculture might not offer some serious opportunities for the small farm, especially working as a collective or cooperative.

I need more detailed inputs to offer directions. How else might I help you?

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