Proposal to Grow Medicinal Plants in Romania
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Mihai Popescu
Posted on: January 08, 2005

My name is Mihai Popescu and I am addressing to you because I didn’t succeed in finding in Romania a firm to accept cooperating with me and on the other hand to be also honest and serious people.

I am interested in the cultivation and in the processing of medicinal herbs.

I propose to you a collaboration in two variants:

A. To deal with the cultivation of medicinal herbs and also with the gathering of wild flora, with the conditioning and then with the delivery of the respective products;

B. To be your representative in Romania in the activity of cultivation and gathering of medicinal herbs and also in their processing and their delivery in the European market under your sign board.

The region where I intend to begin this activity is located in a region of gently rolling hills of Arges district, in a region where doesn’t exist industry and the environment is minimum polluted.

Potentially there are many landlords who possess small areas and they don’t have a convenient option for the cultivation of their lands. So, having an example of a profitable activity they become rapidly co-workers in the activity of cultivation of medicinal herbs.

I propose to you a serious offer: I am ready to cultivate two hectares of land and ten hectares of a clearing forest, where I intend to cultivate Hippophae Rhamnoides, proper spaces for the natural drying of the medicinal herbs.

And also I offer the certainty of a serious and working labor specialized in manufacturing activities and also in activities which require a relative preparation (in handing of agricultural equipment machines).

Thank you for your interest in growing herbs for Richters. We get many offers similar to yours from growers all over the world. Although we do buy dried herbs, our dried herbs business is relatively small. We already have established suppliers for most of the dried herbs we sell.

Our major speciality is propagative material, such as live seeds and plants, which we sell to herb farmers such as yourself. We are always interested in buying seeds from growers who produce high quality seeds. Growers must go through a qualification process to prove to us that they can produce seeds that meet our standards. The typical procedure is suppliers send us samples of seeds for testing. If the test results are favourable, and if we have a need for the seeds, and if the price is favourable, then we will proceed to establish the grower as a new supplier to Richters. The process is a slow one, often taking 2-3 years before we are confident enough buy seeds.

You also write about acting a some sort of representative for Richters in your country. We are not looking for distributors in your country as this time.

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