Catnip Oil Producer?
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Susan Baldozier
Posted on: February 02, 2005

I am doing internet research, looking for producers (and hence growers who then do their own distillation) of catnip oil. I know there is at least one producer of catnip essential oil in the US, I am guessing maybe in Oregon, but I can’t seem to locate that oil distiller. If you happen to have come across such a vendor in your travels, could you be so kind as to let me know who that might be? Or refer them to contact me?

We are an organic aromatherapy product company in Iowa, and are trying to contact producers of catnip essential oil.

There are fewer catnip growers since the "Great Depression" of the herb trade (1997 circa). One in Montana may still extract oil for his catnip toy business. There is another grower in the Del Mar Vey Peninsula, growing leaf.

The one you refer to in Oregon basically does leaf product only. I would fist check with the primary oil distributors (Polarmar, Nordic, etc.) to see if they may have something from Europe. Domestic would include AM Todd and M. Brown & Co.

To my (limited) knowledge no one currently extracts the oil for perfumery. It is primarily steam distilled, and full chapters are available from Gunther’s 6-Volume set on Essential Oils (out of print). I have a set for reference, if you have trouble locating your own.

If your market is serious enough, I do have a grower in Yakima who would easily distill oil for your needs. Let me know.


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