Ginseng Cutting Machine
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Leo Lam
Posted on: April 16, 2005

I am planning to start a ginseng retail shop in Toronto. I know the ginseng shop needs a compact size slicing cutting machine to cut and slice ginseng and a grinding machine to make ginseng powder in order to make ginseng saleable to the public. I already asked many machine companies in Toronto to find such machines, but they don’t have anything. Would you mind giving me some information where I can find these machines?

Ginseng is considered an easy product to mill, so most anything will work (eventually). For slicing, standard meat slicers (used in deli stores) is most common. For smaller powdering situations, most use smaller hammer mills. You won’t need more than 2-hp single-phase motor to run small batches of 5 lbs. or less.

Coffee grinders will clog, as their method of breaking the product down requires it to be brittle (like a coffee bean).

Larger volumes (20 to 2,000 lbs.) are done by first using a shear mill, described in my book "The Potential Of Herbs As A Cash Crop", published by Acres, USA. You can get this book from Richters or myself. Once the larger volumes are broken down into pre-powder situations, a twin-stirrup Hammer mill (Micropul) is used, usually with a 20-hp 3-phase power source.

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