When to Plant Goldenseal Rootlets
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Danielle Couture
Posted on: November 26, 2005

I’m living in Quebec and I’ll like to plant about 500 goldenseal rootlets. When do you suggest me to plant them, in spring or fall?

The information I have is from USA and they use to plant them in fall, but someone here told me that in Quebec I should do it in spring. What do you think about it?

We prefer early fall planting. The reason why spring was suggested is because Quebec’s zone 4-5 is at the limit of goldenseal’s hardiness range (USDA zones 4-8). The suggestion assumes that fall-planted material has less time to become established in the new site and hence the rootlets are more susceptible to winter kill. However, we do not find this to be true. We find that rootlets dug in late summer are healthier and transplant better than spring-dug rootlets. Because we always get 100% survival with fall-planted stock in our zone 5 Goodwood location, we believe that the experience in zone 4 will be similar.

Last question, when should I place my order to be sure to have the quantity I need ?

Goldenseal was in short supply in 2005 and we were not able to supply everyone who ordered. I suggest that you place your order no later than may 2006 for delivery in September.

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