Question about Essential Oil Production
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Bonnie Brooks
Posted on: March 26, 2006

I’m writing with questions concerning the production of essential oils. Over the years I have found your perspective on herb and spice production very valuable and wonder if essential oils are in your domain of expertise? I’m sure a lot of the same information you have already put forth, applies to this area as well. I am interested in whether or not we have the varieties of climates and soils in the U.S. to ever hope to cultivate many of the crops and produce the oils. Can the U.S service the growing demand for essential oils, and with efficiency and economy? Is the equipment for extraction prohibitively expensive for small farmers? Would there be enough demand for organically certified oils to make that a profitable undertaking, assuming the same basic approach was taken as one would take in other herb and spice production, ie good plans and contracts etc? I always assume that at some point there will be a major, global interruption, of unknown duration, of international transportation. It appears that production of the majority of essential oils is elsewhere and therefore the practice of aromatherapy would be seriously affected. Do you have anything to say about aromatherapy in general? Do you consider AT the weak step-child of other types of green medicine? My interest is in the subtle energy aspects of the oils.

Even a quick R.A.M. insight would be helpful to me. Links to organizations, articles and books -- all helpful.

Lot of questions, I also notice.... <ha ha> OK, yes we CAN compete, especially in some of the spices and specific cultivars. Remember, things should be sold in two categories -- cheapest and "best buy." We are still best buy, in that you get more for your buck than anywhere else (quality).

Start with Gunther’s 6-volume Essential Oils (out of print but still) available at most larger libraries. I made a Xerox set for my own use back in the 80s. I could fax or e-mail specific chapters. Also visit for specific responses (ask the experts).

Aromatherapy is the only place on the body where the brain actually samples the "outside" universe. ATP is where the "brown’s gas" cold-fusion process occurs on the body - how is that for subtle? And, if there is a global disruption, the only safe place to "Witness" this event will be from space - and, Mars has water.

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