Thinking about Getting into the Herb and Nutritional Supplement Business
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Joyce
Posted on: March 29, 2006

I am glad I came accross your website and found a wealth of info just on your Q and A’s. I want to start a herb and nutritional supplement business. Specifically, I’m thinking about selling capsules of herb extracts. There are couple of herbs I have in mind such as Ginkgo. Do you have any suggestions to which herbs I should sell as capsules and what pitfalls I should watch out? Also, what is your take on the outlook of my business and which direction I should take my business to?

I have several comments I could make, but your overall questions are too vague for me to me able to seriously comment on them. Let’s start with my comments. I plan early retirement because I do NOT like how the trade is changing, or the kinds of people I now deal with in sales.. The Pharmaceutical trade is literally the "new mafia."

This also means that if you choose to be highly honorable in your trade formulas, there is a likelihood of loyal customers. But this will take time and I don’t huge profits for anyone trying to begin a supplements-type market that is already infused with dishonest packaging and claims. You are going to need to change conceptual directions in order to compete.

Natural no longer means natural. And, standardized formulas may NOT be the correct direction for dosage. I am now realizing that chemistries associated with diabetes may also influence chemistries associated with cancer. If that is true, then extraction for standizatio9n is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. German chemistry concepts are already shown to be faulty.

Richters top selling seed is a good first place to choose your source of what are the top selling medicinals. Again, I presume this is what your intention was directed toward in the selection of ingredients. There are other conceptual directions, including minerals and cancer-immune enhancers. Pharmaceutical mushrooms are now becoming the top selling products in the pharmaceutical trade.

Originality is the key to this market’s success. I am currently working with one to develop delivery of mono-atomic elements -- a new direction in medicine discussed by such leaders in this field as Sir Laurence Gardner (Nexus magazine). New conceptual directions in health may be the secret to overcoming the standardization of pharmaceutical drugs and how things are marketed.

If you can get more detailed, I could perhaps write more specifically in responses.

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