Large Quantity of Valerian Needed for Pet Product
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Doug Lamond
Posted on: April 29, 2006

Rick, I have a customer who is looking to use valarian in a pet food formulation. We’d be looking for 30-60 tonne of product annually in powder form.

Can you help me locate a producer?

It was my pleasure to speak with you briefly yesterday. My return form Alaska has left me with lots of correspondence to catch up on. As discussed, when seeking this volume of annual use, it is best to be vertically integrated, where you control the quality and production of your crop needs.

While the buyer does not need to have this grown "in house," contract and with a consistent domestic grower will always be best. And, with transportation costs now what they are, it is often best to try and find a grower near your processing. Having someone nearby allows you to also have both quality control and quality assurance. I have a large grower now in Toronto who could easily do this for you.

Valerian root is rather easy to grow, and the markets have been stable for more than 10 years. We also spoke about a firm in KY who also marketed animal sand pet foods. All-Tech is probably the largest supplier in the world, and we used to grow comfrey leaf and pursuance for chickens. Using that and Mozart music actually created a lower cholesterol egg (25%).

When you are ready, I would be happy to help set up the Valerian root farming. And, of course, I am available as an outside consultant for other possible extensions into the animal and pet food industry. How else can I help you?

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