Herbal Tea Bagging in Lebanon
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Odette
Posted on: June 13, 2006

We are interested in starting tea bag bagging of herbal teas in Lebanon. Our main herbal teas that we have is tilia, anise, sage, camomile, and we have a mixture of herbs and flowers called Zhourat (it has mainly Tilia flowers, rose flowers, camomile flowers, marshmallow flowers, and lemon verbena).

Could you please inform me where I can find the standards to grow organic plants, how I can purchase orgnaic seeds, and the standards for the farmers to comply and cultivate organic herbs.

Also if you can give inform me on how I can find a feasibility studies on starting tea bag packing.

We are interested into entering the international market.

I have helped set various tea bagging efforts over the last 30 years, to include my own label (Country Spice Tea) which sold in more than 2,000 Safeway Stores. What you are asking is way beyond the scope of a simple answer or this form of response.


Further, you also want to know how to farm many of the ingredients (like Chamomile), requiring specialized equipment. Again this is beyond the scope of a simple answer or this form of response. I have generated some overviews to help those with initial questions.


What you ask will require an outside consultant, as most of this information is either proprietary, or of historical value (time and effort). I am available to discuss more specific questions as an outside consultant, having written proposal and business plans for this industry for the last 35 years.

Standards for becoming certified organic from such organizations as Tilth often require you to hire them as outside consultant to educate you in procedures and protocols. It is time consuming and not simple respond to in such a column as this forum. You may call me for further details at my number given below.

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