Major Herbs Included in Global Herb Market Figures
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Swati C
Posted on: July 04, 2006

I read through your response for the queries raised. I should congratulate you on the abundant presence of knowledge on herbal products. Your feedback compelled me to seek some help from you.

I am currently doing a study on the global market for herbal medicines. I have come across certain numbers... global herbal medicine market is valued at US$ 62 billion. But I am unable to identify what herbs are considered as herbal medicines and who are the leading manufacturers of bulk as well as formulated herbal medicines.

I hope you can help me and provide a direction to move ahead. Awaiting for your reply.

I would not have placed that value nearly so high, but then it is often difficult to know what is grouped into those figures. Conrad Richter has grouped what he considers the 50 top selling herbs, based on total requests and volumes. Some of that can information can be found at

Herbal medicines are generally separated from those considered pharmaceutical. The former is based on alleged use, while the latter has known actions by chemistry. Leading manufacturers can be found in such articles as that found at

More detailed information on both of these can be found from references in this article

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