Marketing Wild Roots and Herbs
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
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Posted on: August 07, 2006

I used to sell snakeroot to the St. Louis Commission Co. through the mail. I don’t believe the company exists now. Do you know of a buyer for wild medicinal roots and herbs?

Those days are gone. St. Louis Commission Co was eventually sold to Willard McGee. Alan Lockhard. Those were the days - Teneva Hide and Fir Co, etc. Now they are remnants of days past. Here are a few local buyers who might have interest in your crops.

1. Jack Frazier, Chef’s Palate, Rt. 3, Box 500, Theodosia, MO 65761, 417-273-4949

2. Allen Lockard. Magee Natural Products, PO Box 37, Eolia, MO 63344, 314-485-2400

3. Margaret G. Thomas, Midwest Research Institute, 425 Volker Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64110, 816-753-7600

4. Richard A. Hayes, 8085 Shawnee Ford Road, Sullivan, MO 63080, 573-627-3450

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