Eastern North Carolina Suggestions for Herb Crops
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: John Ponton
Posted on: November 27, 2006

I have two questions.

1. My company has several hundred acres of land located about 30 miles west of the North Carolina coastline. We are thinking about growing a medicinal herbal crop that would be extracted in some idle production equipment that we have in place. Can you recommend a crop or point us in the right direction to find one or several that might work in this area?

2. We are looking at the purchase of a 5 acre tract that is about ten miles from the coast in NC as a personal business. Can you recommend herbal crops that might work well for this situation?

I need far more information to respond to this first question. For example, what are the "some idle production equipment that we have in place?" Lots of crops can be grown in that region. Wilcox Natural Products began in Boone in 1902. This area has a rich history of production, and several major buyers already in place.

Five-acre slips of land is not farming, but considered either truck farming or floral -- something that is labor intensive. Again, I need far more information to respond correctly. I don’t wish to waste either your or my time responding without the correct understanding of what you really want to do.

We could discuss this far more efficiently via telephone. I am available as an outside consultant, if that seems the best way to approach these questions.

[If you are interested in pursuing this project with Rick, send us a note by email with your phone number and other contact information and we will that to Rick. --Ed.]

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