Drying and Processing Parsley in Egypt
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Sayed Sakr
Posted on: December 17, 2006

We are growing parsley (flat) in Egypt and would like to know the ideal way/methods of drying and cutting the leaves in order to get the 3-4mm cut. Second part of my question is: from which web site can I follow and get market for parsley world wide.

Your questions are formed to use me to help set up your business... No problem. I will give you enough information to just "get you in trouble," if you try to do this on your own. I will further mention that I am available as an outside consultant -- to help set up the systems and train individuals for various tasks function.


With what you suggest, you are going to need professional staffs, not collecting data here and there. Finding experienced personnel with the use of a hop kiln is somewhat rare. Training them to then be able to dry Parsley is going to be someone like me, who has already done it. Parsley production has been done in Germany for almost 200 years.

Older technologies used binder dryers, over hop kilns. There is a set of binder dryers up in British Columbia, Canada, sitting idle now for almost 25 years. It could handle upward of 4,000 lbs. per hour. Rebuilding and reconstructing these could be easily done for minimal expense. They would be also useful for many other crops.

The most appropriate way to cut green parsley is via a Draper, modified to capture and deliver the leaf into a wagon for further processing and dehydration. That device, plus suggested modifications, can be found in my book "Getting Started." The book on "A Processing Center" might also become very useful in the components necessary to run a profitable warehouse.


I have set up such situations for more than 30 years, and for such companies as John I. Haas (Henry Barth). I have also written more than 300 Crop Books, similar to that on Echinacea angustifolia, also found at www.herbfarminfo.com. That includes a book on Parsley Leaf and Flake (unpublished).

Finally, we come to your big question = Marketing. Again, I do have a number of books (unpublished) on this subject, having done this for more than 30 years (as a Physicist). I love to travel, and have never been to Egypt. You could not duplicate my efforts or work by simply reading what I did. For what you propose, you ne4ed me to help you do it.

With that said, your final set of reference on marketing can be found at


specifically, the articles at



Would the Egyptian Spices Herbs Export Development Association possibly be interested in sponsoring a 2-day workshop on "Parsley Production in Egypt?" I could make that available, to include more than 200 slides on it’s production, and related needs for market. I offer these kinds of workshops throughout North America, but could (with translators) offer it on site (where I work best as a physicist).

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