How to Find Buyers for Milk Thistle and Ashwaghanda
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Bat-Tzion Benjaminson
Posted on: March 13, 2007

Shalom from Israel

We have two ubiquitous weeds here that are also quite popular as medicinal plants. If there is a market for them I can wild harvest a lot. I have no idea how to find buyers. Can you tell me how to find buyers of milk thistle seeds and ashwaghanda roots, seeds, or leaves?

Also I plan to grow some various rare artemisias, achilleas, and lavandulas (example: Artemisia judaica) for two specific customers who want to buy all I can grow. They have asked me to draft a contract. From where can I find a sample contract?

Milk thistle seed is commercially important now in North America. However, most buyers want it cultivated, with a COG tag, rather than from wildcrafting harvests. I have no experience with Ashwaghanda ("Indian ginseng"), mostly sold as an herb (for the leaf and chemistry).

Wormwood is enjoying a comeback market demand (for the oil and herb), again mostly with a COG tag (certified organically grown). Both yarrow and lavender have established markets, but trying to be competitive is often the challenge.

Sample contracts, buyers, and the rest of it is all available from Google and Froogle search engines. If you would like help in negotiating your contracts, I do that professionally for numerous other businesses and farmers here in North America. My charge is 10% of gross sales, where I guarantee payment and collections.

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