Mullein Tea in Missouri
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Jackie Merryman
Posted on: July 01, 2007

My husband and i were wondering if there is anyone around the Missouri area that would possibly be interested in buying mullien tea. I’ve been searching on the internet but haven’t had much luck.

Years ago, they called me "Mullein Miller" because I harvested upward of 5 ton mullein leaf for the tincture markets. That may be it for the entire needs of North America (one person job). Its primary use is as an expectorant in removing moisture from the inner ear. It is not used often as a tea, so there are no real markets for that form of sale. It is a biennial, so its harvest is in the early stages of its second year.

It has many other limited applications, of course, and there is a complete chapter on mullein (including marketing information) in my book "Native Plants Of Commercial Importance." In Washington State I used to harvest it with a side-bar cutter. When you harvest is critical, as the stalk can be considered "Leaf" in the very early stages before flowering (second year).

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