New Technology to Control Heavy Metal in Herb Medicine
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Edward J. Fletcher
Posted on: August 01, 2007

We are very interested in the comments you gave for reducing heavy metals in herbs.

Heavy metals come from over-farming, with using too much sludge from rivers for too long a period. This was used in China to help build topsoils (which did NOT work).; Who’s trying to kid whom? China already knows this. It will require a cool century to rest those over-farmed lands and build up any real tilth again.

Nano technology will help, but not for another ten years (or so). China needs to put a "due diligence" program in place, and develop a reputation (another ten years). It is like GMO certification. The soils are too bad to grow those kinds of crops now.

What we have now are forms of germplasm products that "bio prospect" specific metals. I need a list of target metals that need to be "mined" to suggest micro-engineering systems. Indols (silver) can be produced by hybridizing specific mushrooms - limited data, most on the fringe.

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