Buyers for Wild Osha Root?
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Richard Ames
Posted on: October 05, 2007

I live in Colorado and wish to harvest a wild patch of Osha. Do you know of anyone wishing to purchase Osha Root?

Osha root is a common name for wild Lovage, also known as Ligusticum porteri (or Wild Parsley). It is normally wildcrafted, and most of your regional wholesalers carry it as an alternative herb. This also means they are all potential buyers from specific sources.

It is not a pharmaceutical, but is considered for its alleged use. This means the volumes of sale are limited. Osha Root is arguably the best American herb for lung and throat infections. It stimulates the macrophages or resident white blood cells of the lungs, numbs sore throats, bronchodilators the lungs to assist in expectoration, warms the lungs and helps one to breathe more deeply.

It also can be used as a preventative for those prone to sore throats and lung congestion or who get secondary infections from allergies. One must be very sure that the specific Osha root harvested be the correct one. Since it looks much like Wild Carrot or poisonous Hemlock.

Vitality Works in Albuquerque, NM and Herbs, Etc. in Santa Fe, NM are both potential buyers. For current contact information, use Google, as both have internet presence. Also San Francisco Herb and Natural Foods in Freemont, CA is another potential buyer.

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