Thinking of Wildcrafting Herbs
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Isaac Marcum
Posted on: February 21, 2008

I am an herbalist in seattle that has worked for years in the retail and production side of herbology, and am now looking to shift to wildcrafting. I also have years of experience in wildcrafting, but am looking for buyers, and leads to sell my herbs.

I saw that you buy and sell herbs, and am wondering if you have any leads of companies I can contact about wildcrafting for them, or if you would be in need of wildcrafted herbs from the Pacific Northwest.

You need to read my book "Native Plants of Commercial Importance" (available from Richters; please see: For the marketing aspects, you could begin with

I also have n unpublished book titled "Forest Farming," the future of most wildcrafted plants. The key word in this area is "sustainability." For that, you should subscribe to "Acres, USA., the voice for sustainable agriculture.

It is kind of weird responding to you, as I also started out in Seattle (circa 1973). Some of the buildings I used still feature those products, like "Cold Mountain Juice Company."

Yes, I would like to have better supply lines for products from the Pacific Northwest. Why not call sometime during normal work days, mornings are best. (541) 476-5588.

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