Essential Oils in Africa
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Alison
Posted on: February 21, 2008

I am interested in finding out more about the production of essential oils in Africa, particularly how the value chain works. Do you know where I can find any resources? If you or your colleagues are knowledgeable about this area, I would greatly appreciate a short conversation.

There are several texts written on essential oil production in Africa. The best book on this subject is Gunther’s 6-volume set titled Essential Oils, now out-of-print but available through most libraries. This will list the boiling points for each oil and which one is important for recovery.

And another important set of textbooks is the 2-volume set titled "Spices," by Purseglove, et al. It is part of the Tropical Agricultural Series, Longman House publishing (London and NY, c1981).

Another is another 2-volume set titled "Spices, a survey of the world markets." This is ITC Publications, Geneva, c1982. They also offer Markets for Selected Medi8cinal Plants and their Derivatives.

Most of these and their address can be found in my book "The Potential of Herbs as a Cash Crop." (available through Richters, Acres, USA, or even my own websites).

And, there are number out papers on this and related subjects for download at

I took early retirement this last year, so I could travel and write books. As such, I now offer workshops to other parts of the world, so I can travel and see how other in the world farm their crops. I am considered one of the best field-men in the world. If I put a crop in, it will work. I offer other services

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