Very Berry Wintergreen for Pot Sales II
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Sandra Salmins
Posted on: March 10, 2008

Thank you for your speedy answer to my questions. I have several additional questions:

1) Is the 42-46 weeks "to finish" in addition to the 10-14 from sowing to useable plugs (i.e. total time from sowing to saleable plant would be around 52-60 weeks) or is it the total from sowing to finish being 42-46 in all, i.e. from day 1 of seeding? And do I assume the 10-14 weeks to useable plug includes the approx 30 day time to germinate (or do I add 30 days of germination time to the 10-14 weeks)?

The germination time is included in the 10-14 weeks, and the 10-14 weeks is included in the 42-46 weeks.

2) Please excuse my math but how many seeds are sold in the seed count you sell as "1M"? Would you know approx how many seeds are included in a packet (of ‘Very Berry’ wintergreen).

There are about 200 seeds per packet.

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