Making Plans to Grow Chamomile II
Answered by: Richard Alan Miller
Question from: Adam and Caleb Colvin
Posted on: March 12, 2008

Thank You for replying to our questions!

You mentioned in your answers that if we were COG (Certified Organically Grown) that we would have ready sales. This raised some questions, because we are already CNG (Certified Naturally Grown []). They are similar programs with differences being held to COG is run by the USDA, and CNG is run by the same people that started COG (before it was taken over by the USDA).

Please let us know if this would help us--I don’t think that we could possibly become COG.

Thanks again for your encouraging letters--We look forward to running a couple of acres of German Chamomile (/Matricaria recutita/ [is this the right stuff?) this summer!

P.S.We have a copy of your book "The Potential of Herbs as a Cash Crop", and it is by far our favorite on herb raising.

I know nothing about this alternative system. I will research it for further comments, but because most buyers are NOT familiar with this program, they probably would not accept it for marketing. Further, COG is used for labeling usage, and not usable for those market requirements (and most buyers).

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