Yields And Prices On Herbal Root Crops
Answered by: Rick Miller
Question from: Cathy Harragian

I am working on a farm budget for growing herbal medicinal roots. My question is can you supply me with a yield per acre or plant (rough estimate) and a wholesale price for black cohosh, goldenseal, and blood root for the dried root?

The plan is to plant 13,000 sq ft (that is probably not in Canadian dimensions) of each herb. Right now I have small test plots on an apple orchard of each of these herbs.

I took early retirement so I could do more travel and write. This means I am not current with pricing, but can still give good estimates. Yields, and various market considerations can be found in my new PDF books for www.herbfarminfo.com this coming year.

Black Cohosh US$ 6.25/lb., FOB (COG) 3rd years forest farmer (2,200/lbs/acre)

Goldenseal US$42.00/lb., FOB (COG 3rd years forest farmer (1,800/lbs/acre)

Bloodroot US$ 7.40/lb., FOB (COG) 3rd years forest farmer (2,600/lbs/acre)

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