Subject: Impressed by Customer Service (Hot Springs, AR)
Received: Wed, 29 Apr 1998

I am not in the habit of writing letters to catalog companies either pro or con. It just isn’t my style to take the time to do something like that. However, I felt that the plants and the service that I received from your company was worth taking the time to let you know how I feel about your product.

First: of all I E-mailed you with a question or two about the plants I was interested in and it see if I could get a rush order. I needed the herbs for a workshop I was giving the following weekend. I received an E-mail answer from you within a few hours. I was impressed.

Second: I placed a telephone order and talked with Carolyn. May I say that I was impressed again with her service and thoughtfulness. She went out of her way to make sure that I would get everything that was on my list. Thank You, Carolyn.

Third: The plants arrived when you said they would and were in excellent condition. Not a dry herb, a crushed leaf or a damaged plant. Your packaging was very innovative. Again I was impressed.

Thank you for your timely answer, your very helpful customer service and your very healthy herbs. Everyone at the workshop was as impressed as I was and took your address with them. I would highly recommend your herbs to anyone. In fact, you will get all my herb business in the future.

In closing let me say that I am in the customer service business myself. I am an account service representative for a major insurance company. I deal with unhappy companies who are having claims problems. I truly appreciate good customer service and believe me it is hard to find sometimes. Some times people are just too busy to take time to smell the roses, or the herbs, as the case may be.

Thank You!!


Katrinka Fidler, Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.A.

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