Subject: Plants Arrived in Amazing Condition (Ottawa, ON)
Received: Wed, May 27, 1998

Thank you so much for my order that I received today. Like I once read before in your catalogue or ad, I have received plants from other places in a state of poor condition to say the least. Opening your box I thought "wow" it’s true, these have arrived in amazing condition. Reading the enclosed material helped, so I didn’t run outside and plant them right away, I’ll let them adjust daily.

The Echinacea top two leaves have some brown, almost like when african violets have water dropped on their leaves, but I think this is just a minor detail and they will overcome that.

I have been in customer service since 1966 and still am and in various jobs from banking, real estate and now products going out to customers. I think customer service is the key to all businesses and you do have a great service. Too many companies don’t listen to their CSR’s for feedback. I have received fast service,excellent product and kick myself for not trying your company before. Can’t wait to spread the word to my friends.

To all of you that have a hand in your excellant customer service, thank you once again.

Coreen D’Angelo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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