Subject: Excited About Dong Quai (Equality, AL)
Received: March 1, 1999

I am so excited about the high germination rate of ‘Dong Quai’. I just had to write and tell you. After leaving the seeds sitting out for a few months last year hwne they arrived I figured I’d get nothing. So I put the packet of seeds in the refrigerator and in November put them in a baggy with moist potting soil and put them back in the refrigerator. One day, shortly after New Year’s, I saw some sprouting and as I started transferring these sprouts to a new bed of potting soil, I found over forty now sprouting up out of the soil! After reading your note under the description of Dong Quai, that ‘even one plant would be reward enough’, I count myself ‘rewarded!’

Since then I put the baggy of unsprouted seeds back in the refrigerator and have 5 germination trays full -- I have at least 250 plants!

Gina Houston, Equality, Alabama, United States

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