Subject: You Are Truly My Favorite (Charlotte NC)
Received: Sat, 24 May 2003

I recently wrote you about now nice Cheryl treated me and how helpful she was when I had a small problem with a couple of plants I had ordered from you. I had ordered some 12-packs of herbs for a workshop I was conducting on container gardening/cooking with herbs. This is an update on that.

I had one of the 12 packs of Globe Basil go south on me (in more ways than one), and needed to replace it quickly. I replaced it with a mint, and Cheryl told me when it would be here, which was one day before I had to leave town for the workshop. She was right. It got here exactly when she said it would, and everything worked out well.

The workshop went great. The women had a good time planting their containers and were impressed with the quality of the plants. I had also ordered 12 copies of your catalog to hand out, and that excited them as much as planting their own containers. All of the copies were handed out either there in the workshop, or later during the weekend. I had saved one to give to a friend whose husband had recently moved here from New Zealand, and now lives in Asheville, NC.

I was having lunch with the two of them on the way home, and took them a container I had planted in the class especially for them in exchange for their hospitality. I gave Maggie the container, and Geoff the remaining few herbs, and the last catalog I had. He was very excited about it, as he’s had trouble using his NZ knowledge of herbs here in the mountains of North Carolina.

Over all, the weekend went very well for me - I came out looking like a master herbalist (imagine that -- who knew mint, sage, thyme, oregano and a fifth one which I forget, could make that much of an impression)!

I placed another order last night from the sale e-mail I received yesterday. My garden is beautiful, my workshop went well, and I look like someone who knows something, all thanks to your company. You are truly my favorite.

I just thought you ought to know that.

Jane Fountain, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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