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Correct pH For Patchouli
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Miranda Hodgson
Posted on: December 07, 2007

Looking through the questions and answers on growing patchouli, I saw that two acidity ranges are recommended and was wondering if you could please tell me which is correct.

On one page (http://www.richters.com/show.cgi?page=./QandA/Growing/19980817-3.html)

soil pH of 4.3 to 6.3 is recommended but, on another (http://www.richters.com/show.cgi?page=./QandA/Growing/20050928-1.html),

it is 5.5 to 7.5. Could you clear this up for me, please?

We apologize for the error. It should be pH 4.3 to 6.3.

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