Perennial Shallots...Garlic...Onions...
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Paul
Posted on: July 28, 2009

I was browsing through the catalogue and noticed a lot of garlic types and shallots...onions...etc are noted as PERENNIAL.

I can understand how this would work with Egyptian onions but was wondering how it can work with shallots and garlic? If I pull up the shallot, how does it come back the next year? Do I leave part of the plant ?

Please help asap as I intend to order some plants and their being perennial or not will affect my placement of them in different gardens...

You guessed correctly, you take what you wish to use for cooking from garlic, shallots and multiplier onions and replant the rest, making sure you use one clove or offset bulb for each new plant you wish to have for next year . Mulch well because the disturbed soil lets in more cold. Each clove of garlic and shallots will grow a new cluster of cloves during next year’s growing season. Multiplier onions tend to form a cluster of bulbs each season and again you harvest all but one for each plant you want to have for next year. Large onions are perennial in that they survive the winter and regrow every year, but they only rarely make offset bulbs. Instead they use their energy to send up an inedible (woody) flowering stalk and you end up with again just one bulb for next year. That is why they are usually resown from seed each year.

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