An environmentally friendly product from Richters
dot So easy to use! With just a twist of the wrist anyone can make pots. Newspaper strips are rolled around the "press" and twisted into the pot-form.
dot Easy to sell in this age of concern for the environment. Helps to lessen the need for plastics used in most garden pots today.
dot Start with just one case! Choose the display merchandizer with 12 units, or buy by the case of 20 units.
potmaker and box
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Otto Richter and Sons Ltd.
dot Easy to demonstrate! Pots slip off the press ready to be filled with soil and plants. Pots remain strong even as plants grow and as roots penetrate the walls.
dot Just plant the pots and all into the garden when the plants are large enough. An economical way to grow your young plants.
dot Solid maple! The PotMaker lasts indefinitely and is itself completely recyclable.
dot Self merchandiser
dot Takes little space
dot Excellent impulse seller
dot Easy set up
dot 12 units per display
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Invented by Otto Richter, founder of Richters!
"The PotMaker turns newspaper into something useful right in front of your eyes. How many eco-friendly products can claim that?"  
–Otto Richter

A Richters Original!

Otto Richter, founder of Richters
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