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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak the Ontario government has imposed a ban on most public events. All seminars to the end of April are cancelled. We still plan to hold the herb walk on June 14 if the ban is lifted. Please check here for further news.


With John Redden, medical herbalist and founder of Viriditas Herbal Products.

N.B.: Unfortunately John was unable to join us. Tiffany Wyse, a naturopath and a registered herbalist, and an associate of John Redden at Viriditas Herbal Products, presented John’s talk in his place.

Overreliance on common over-the-counter drugs to control chronic pain and inflammation can cause serious health effects over time. For example, acetaminophen can cause liver damage and ibuprofen can cause heart attacks and stroke. Herbs offer another option, and more and more people are choosing them as they learn more what harm drugs are doing to them. With over 40 years experience growing and wildcrafting herbs and manufacturing herbal remedies, John will share his homecare advice on using herbs and diet to relieve aches, pains and inflammatory conditions. View the Recorded Presentation (Download the handout)


With Penny Beaudrow, founder of The Ginkgo Tree.

As herbal medicine move into mainstream and the demand for wild medicinal herbs soars, we are putting unprecedented strain on our supply of these plants. This, along with habitat destruction, is causing shortages of some of our most treasured medicinal species. In Ontario, for example, ginseng and goldenseal have virtually disappeared from our forests. To help in the fight to protect these herbs, Penny created a medicinal plant sanctuary on her farm as part of a network of sanctuaries fostered by United Plant Savers. Penny shows how you too can join the fight by growing threatened and endangered herbs in your own personal sanctuary – at home or on your farm. View the Recorded Presentation (Download the handout, Download the United Plant Savers magazine)


With Conrad and Aku Richter, owners of Richters Herbs.

When the founders of Richters, Otto and Waltraut Richter, started growing herbs for personal use in the 1960s they never expected anyone to take an interest in the odd-looking plants growing in a corner of a greenhouse filled with flowering geraniums, petunias and marigolds for sale. But people did notice those strange plants and started to ask about them. Not knowing the English names, Waltraut would try to explain how to use the herbs just as her mother used them back home in Germany. And so a seed sprouted and grew into what Richters Herbs is today. To celebrate, Conrad and his wife Aku, second generation owners, will recount the stories of Richters and of the many herbs first introduced to gardeners in the Richters catalogue. 2-3pm


With Steve Best and Drew Jacobson, founders of Hurt Berry Farm.

Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

Steve and Drew are former chefs who teamed up to pursue a love for “all things spicy” while having some fun. They have a collection of over 600 chiles from all over the world, from the common to the super rare – and interesting stories to go with them. Steve and Drew will discuss how to grow chile peppers organically, peppered with lots of useful tips -- like how having busy beehives around helps improve chile production. Of course making great chile sauces is the point of all this sweat, so Steve and Drew will share some of their hard won secrets. Come prepared to set your palate on fire! 2-3pm


With Correne Omland, traditional western herbalist and owner of Spiraea Herbal Clinic.

Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

For many, making and enjoying herbal teas is an entree into the world of herbal medicine. It can be empowering to know that potent, yet safe medicines are within your grasp in the form of easy-to-make teas. Even more satisfying is growing and harvesting them yourself knowing that they will return back good health for you and your family. In this seminar you will learn how to grow some of Correne’s favourite medicinal tea herbs and how to harvest and blend them. 2-3pm


Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

With Arlene Hazzan Green, co-owner of The Backyard Urban Farm Company.

Micro WHAT? Microgreens are 10-day old, sprouted seeds of vegetables like peas, arugula, radish, cabbage and sunflowers grown in soil. Microgreens are nutrition packed powerhouses that taste great and can be added to any soup, salad, sandwich, or eaten on their own. Not to be confused with sprouts, microgreens are simple to grow in potting mix, indoors just by placing your planted seeds in a sunny window or under grow lights. Water every day and in 10 days you’ll have a delicious, fresh harvest, any time of year. 2-3pm


Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

With Kate Middleton, gardener and blogger on A Twisted Gardener.

Kate is a community composter, an organic gardener, a Seedy Saturday organizer... and a “twisted gardener”. On her blog, she offers her thoughts on gardening in an era of climate change. Gardeners know things are changing because growing seasons are getting longer, and winters are getting milder. But they also know there is less rain, more bugs, more disease, and the threat of extreme weather events is more real. So how does a herb gardener adapt to changing growing conditions? Not by throwing arms up in air! Hell no! Kate will share her gardening ideas big, small and twisted on how to garden successfully in a time of change. 2-3pm

Herb Day April 26, 2019

Celebrate Herb Day with an afternoon in praise of Rubus,
Herb of the Year for 2020

Rubus Herb of the Year
Rubus is the botanical name for a genus of plants that includes raspberry and blackberry, both of which are important for their medicinal properties.


With Theresa Miesler, author of Beyond Rosemary, Basil and Thyme and co-founder of Shady Acres Herb Farm.

Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

Theresa and her husband Jim grew herbs on their herb farm in Minnesota for over 35 years. With an eye and a passion for the unusual and the unique their plant list grew to the point where customers came from far and wide to buy their plants. While everybody needs the basics, there are many lesser known gems worth growing. And with the publication of her new book, Beyond Rosemary, Basil and Thyme, Theresa is on a mission to educate, and cajole, herb folks to try some of these incredible herbs. Come and learn why they should be in your garden. 2-3pm


With With Pat Crocker, author, teacher and photographer.

Cancelled due to government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions,

The members of the genus Rubus, collectively, are the Herb of the Year for 2020. Rubus includes the raspberry and the blackberry, and a bunch of other lesser berries such as dewberry, thimbleberry, loganberry and boysenberry. Who doesn’t love the red, blue, purple, sometimes orange, and black nuggets of tangy, sunny goodness that we devour in pies, puddings, sauces, ice cream, crepes, or slipped into smoothies? Some might claim that no other fruits are more loved or better for you than these bright and beautiful berries loaded with phytonutrients. Join Pat as she discusses their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and how to capture their goodness in tonics and vinegars. 3-4pm

Learn more about Rubus here.

There is a $25 fee for the following event.

With Conrad Richter, co-owner of Richters Herbs.

Herbs are everywhere: in fields, lawns, ditches, driveways, on compost piles, even in cracks in pavement and sidewalks. There is medicine in all these places; you just need to know what to look for. On this walk around the Richters property you will learn which herbs are good for wounds, broken bones, liver problems, urinary problems, cancer, and much more. We will discuss the parts used, how to prepare them for fresh or dried use, and the gotchas you need to know for safe use. 2-4pm
Fee $25. No advance registration. Rain or shine. Not suitable for those of limited mobility.

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