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Look who’s talking at Richters!

Join us for our FREE seminars at Richters. In a few cases there are optional fees which are noted below. For directions and map, click here. Watch last year’s presentations online here!


With Herbalist Penelope Beaudrow

Penelope covers the whirlwind history of tea. Learn everything there is to know about tea, including: how to determine a quality tea; and how to grow, pick, blend and prepare different types of tea. Experience a free tea tasting of all the wonderful types of tea: white tea, green tea, black tea, yellow tea, red tea, scented teas and Penelope’s favourite herbal teas. You will acquire the knowledge and confidence to blend and prepare your own teas for relaxation or a medicinal cup of tea to sooth a loved ones’ ailments. Penelope Beaudrow is a chartered herbalist, herbal educator and community outreach coordinator at Faunus herbs and founder of the Gingko Tree and Dogwood & Brambles Farm. For more information, visit her Facebook page. At the conclusion of the seminar psychic Julie Ditta, proprietor of Whole Soul, a practice dedicated to psychic and spiritual experience, offered private tea leaf and palm readings (not recorded). View the Recorded Presentation


With Marthe Monique Hook, Proprietor of The Fairy Garden

Marthe gives a brief history of miniature and fairy gardening. She discusses indoor and outdoor fairy gardens, best design practices, supplies, Facebook groups and more! Marthe is owner of the magical home-based garden design business, The Fairy Garden, the first online store in Canada specializing in products for miniature and fairy gardening. She has presented workshops on fairy gardening at horticultural clubs, garden centres and in her home. She is the author of a DIY blog on fairy gardening. View the Recorded Presentation


With Karen Stephenson, Wild Food Educator and Proprietor of Edible Wild Food

Learn how to identify, harvest and cook with wild plants. Wild plants are often seen as nothing more than weeds to be removed from the garden landscape, however, they are highly nutrient foods that in some cases have valuable medicinal benefits, so include these low cost wild plants in your backyard. When planning your garden in the spring, look to wild weeds as indicator of the type of soil you have and what you can grow most successfully in your own backyard. Learn how and what wild food and medicinal edibles to include in your edible landscape, a garden that will bring you close to nature and become just a bit more self reliant. Karen Stephenson is a wild food educator who also works as a professional writer and researcher. She spends a lot of her time educating people about wild food via her website, public speaking and through hosting "wild walks". She is passionate about proper nutrition, reading labels, eating healthy and companion gardening with weeds. She has studied herbal pharmacy and nutrition and has an honours BA in English. View the Recorded Presentation


With Artist Heather Rigby

With a little ingenuity you can create a delightful piece of living garden art to bring joyful conversation into your summer harvest. Artist Heather Rigby explores ways to build a flowering sculpture with a few tools, found or recycled objects, proper soil preparation and tried and climbing plants that will enhance your outdoor space and create a haven of earthly delights. Heather’s vision is to interweave the body, culture and environment through her gallery and landscape pieces. Her shift to the outdoor canvas of the land through works like the "Eat Local" reveals her intention to create a dialogue on food sovereignty within the local and extended community. Her background includes extensive contracts in the film industry, museum and teaching engagements in high school, college and university levels. Currently, Heather serves on the Executive Board of an environmental group Land over Landings and the Dharma Centre of Canada, a retreat centre in north Ontario. She served as the artist in residence in 2014 for Markham Museum’s exhibition, "Farm to Table". Visit her website for more information View the Recorded Presentation


With Certified GAPS Practitioner Katalin Brown

It seems like every other person is on an acid reducing medication. Katalin will discuss this common problem and how this may be the result of poor digestion. She will explain how we digest our food, why people get digestive problems and how poor digestion may prevent nutrients from reaching your cells and inevitably leading to poor health. The digestive system is the river of life and the key to good health. Join Katalin as she discusses how to rebalance the digestive tract for optimal health, including adding bitter foods and herbs to the diet. A healthy start for a new year! This is Katalin’s second seminar at Richters: her first seminar on Lacto-Fermentation: The Secret of Healing has been seen by more than 25,000 people at our Youtube channel and lots of wonderful feedback: “Man this is phenomenal information! Thank you so much!". For more information about Katalin Brown and GAPS healing system, visit Katalin’s website. 2-3pm


With Naturopathic Doctor Terry Vanderheyden of St. Francis Herb Farm

Dr. Terry Vanderheyden will help you understand tinctures and how we can incorporate herbal tinctures (the liquid extract that contains a plant’s medicinal properties) into our daily life. He will discuss the benefits of herbal tinctures over other supplements, how to use them to maintain general health and why and how they can be used for first aid, children’s and women’s health. Terry will talk about creating a herbal first aid kit for children and infants and what remedies to include and how to use them. He will discuss how to make a herbal first aid and travel kit and the remedies you should include. And he will women’s herbs for menopause and the herbal remedies and tinctures that alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Did you ever wonder how tinctures are made? Dr. Terry will give a simple demonstration on how alcohol, glycerine, or vinegar are used to extract the medicinal properties of a plant that result in a preparation that is easy to use and long lasting. Dr. Terry Vanderheyden is a naturopathic doctor who has been in private clinical practice since 1994. He is a graduate of the Canadian College of naturopathic medicine and Ontario board certified ND. Terry has a general naturopathic practice with a focus on family health and cancer but treats all health issues including serious illness. He is an herb lover and was attracted to naturopathic medicine largely through his interest in plants and nutrition. Terry also completed a three year post graduate fellowship in homeopathy through the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy through the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, under the tutelage of Dr. Andre Saine in Montreal. Terry is also a consultant for St. Francis Herb Farm, Inc where he is responsible for Research and Development, Regulatory Affairs and also acts as a medical advisor. 2-3pm


With Award Winning Garden Writer Steven Biggs and Daughter Emma

Grow a gardener at this hands-on workshop with activities to capture young imaginations. Parents, stick around for ideas to make gardening kid-centered. Steven and Emma’s workshop will introduce kids to fun things to do and see in the garden including bees, butterflies and other wee beasties. They will explore all the fun things to collect like colourful fall leaves, exploding jewel weed pods and helicopter like maple keys! They will talk about some cool plants and garden themes that you will want to grow in your own back yard, like an awesome pizza garden! Steve and Emma have many more exciting activities planned for this fun filled afternoon! Everyone will take home a sunflower seedling in a biodegradable pot that they can plant in their garden and watch grow over the summer! Father and daughter Steven and Emma Biggs spend a lot of time together in the garden. Steven is a journalist and author specializing in gardening, farming, and food production. Emma is a grade 4 student who loves to garden and help Steven at gardening events. Steven’s earliest garden memory is stealing a carrot from his Baba’s prized vegetable garden. He encourages his three children to steal as many carrots as they want from his garden. Steven and Emma’s book about gardening with children will be released in 2015. Steven book No Guff Vegetable Gardening, coauthored with Calgarian Donna Blazer, is a Canadian bestseller. His most recent book, the award-winning Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t, shows people how simple it can be to grow figs in cold climates. 2-3pm


With H.O.P.E. Members Phil Collins, June and Lee Davies, and Natalie Howard

Four founding members of the H.O.P.E Permaculture Network near Toronto will share their unique approaches to permaculture and how they integrate permaculture principles on their homesteads. This seminar will showcase the work of Phil Collins of Foggy River Farm, June and Lee Davies of Tycoed Farm, and Natalie Howard of the Realign Ranch. Phil will use his Foggy River Restorative Farm as a teaching tool to show how to integrate function and form into our natural landscape and maximize our "edible space" while respecting the land and surrounding eco-system. Lee and June Davies will take you a guided pictorial tour of their beautiful Tycoed Restorative Farm that is home to forests, ponds, diverse plants, a family eco-village and amazing views of the Lake Simcoe watershed. They will describe their plan to restore the farm through both permaculture and hugelculture principles, showing the significant changes that are already evident as their plan progresses through the phases. There will be an interactive session on the meaning of community, and how to build community by the way we live, and how to get to know our land and watersheds to support a healthy community. Natalie Howard of the The Realign Ranch will show how to build a herbal spiral and mandala garden and how to energize it using permaculture and sacred geometry to create a beautiful healing edible space. You will learn how to build a herbal spiral garden that will include all your favourite culinary herbs and will make efficient use of space and water. Phil, June, Lee and Natalie will conclude by talking about the H.O.P.E. Permaculture Annual Tour and how the H.O.P.E. community benefits each member by sharing resources and helpful tips that can be applied to the small backyard or large operating farm. 2-3pm

  The four founding members of the H.O.P.E. Permaculture Network


With Koidu Sulev of Richters Herbs

What are the best plants for attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds to your garden? Koidu Sulev will discuss how to create a successful bee and butterfly haven in your garden that will provide important food sources for our lovely and much needed pollinators. 2-3pm
Check out our new SAVE THE BEES! Nectar Garden. Help the bees with nectar-producing herbs anise hyssop, bee balm, Faassens catnip, hyssop, English lavender and wild thyme in your garden.

Herb Day May 3, 2014 Savory Herb of the Year
Celebrate Herb Day with an afternoon in praise of Savory, the Herb of the Year for 2015.


Do you have a favourite recipe featuring fresh or dried savory? Or do you make a dish to die for featuring one of savory’s lesser known relatives such as Jamaican mint, nepetella, yerba buena, or zuta levana? If so, please join our Savory Cooking Competition which kicks off this year’s Herb Day celebration in honour of savory, the Herb of the Year. The winners will receive Richters gift certificates valued at $150, $100 and $50. For entry forms visit 1-2pm


With Yvonne Tremblay, Author and Food Stylist, and Proprietor of Quisine, a Food Consultancy

Savory is so widely used in food around the world that the word "savory" is synonymous with healthy, good tasting food. In this seminar you will learn how to cook up some great savory food for family and friends. Yvonne will explain the differences in aroma and taste between summer and winter savory and how she uses the two savories in cooking. Yvonne Tremblay is an educator, professional recipe developer, food stylist and food writer. Yvonne has a B.A.Sc. (Applied Science) in Food and Nutrition, and was a former associate food editor for Homemakers magazine. She is author of Thyme in the Kitchen, Prizewinning Preserves and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jams, Jellies and Preserves. 2-3pm


With Koidu Sulev, Richters Herbs

Savory is easy to grow, but which variety is best for your garden, balcony or windowsill? Many are surprised to learn that there is more than one savory, and the different varieties require different growing conditions. Not only that, there are intriguing near relatives of savory, such as Lemon Savory, Jamaican Mint, Yerba Buena, and Zuta Levana that are well worth trying in your garden. Koidu will discuss all you need to know to grow and use the various savories, including Richters oustanding new varieties introduced this year. 3-4pm


With Christine Manning, of Manning Canning

In the past several years we have seen a growing interest in home preserving. Christine Manning teaches preserving classes throughout the Greater Toronto Area and has taught hundreds of people how to safely preserve the harvest. In this session, she will discuss the role that sugar plays in preserves. You will learn how to safely reduce the amount of sugar in a recipe and how doing so impacts the shelf life of your product. She will also cover safe canning practices and how to determine if what you are making is safe for water bath canning. You will leave the session with the confidence to try preserving in your own home. View the Recorded Presentation


with Anna Luckai, Sustainable Fashion Designer and Proprietor of HEMP’t Clothing

Anna proves that we don’t need chemicals to make beautifully coloured cloth. This fun outdoor workshop will demonstrate the simple process of mixing silk with plant parts, stirring and dyeing. Dye some silk sachets, and then fill them with those same herbs to give away as aromatic gift or fill your home with scents, memories and a commitment to grateful living. Anna creates Hemp’t garments using natural materials involving gardening, cooking, sewing and teaching. She has used natural, sustainable and bridgeable fibers hemp and tencel, as well as all natural dyes and mordants. Alum, rhubarb, sumac, birch, mullein, pomegranate, onion, alkanet, madder, apple, milkweed, fruit tree gall, walnut, acorns are all used. Even indigo and woad are fermented the traditional way! Anna believes we have all we need and it is here all around us. Reconnecting with creation and with each other is important. So is returning to self reliance, on a personal and community level. We all have skill. We can all contribute to meeting each other’s needs. 2-3pm
A BIG THANK YOU from Richters! In September of 2014, some extremely talented women gathered together at Richters to share food, textile and travel stories, beautifully made garments and watch an amazing Canadian made documentary on the natural dye indigo. It was a wonderful afternoon and we want to thank Libbie Burns from Scugog Shores Fibre Artists Guild who organized the event and wore one of Anna’s stunning woad dyed designs!


with Herbalist Penelope Beaudrow, Proprietor of The Gingko Tree

Uh oh! You know the symptoms. You’ve got a cold, or worse the flu. With a bit of loving care and a healthy immune system a cold can usually run its course within a week. Learn some simple things to do and what not to do to prevent or eliminate symptoms. Natural remedies can help relieve cold and flu symptoms faster and may prevent secondary infections, like pneumonia. Penny will show you how to use natural remedies to help you kick those winter cold symptoms and boost your immune system. Learn how to blend herbs and essential oils to create teas, tinctures and steam baths. Penny will also touch on the benefits of eating the right foods, as Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". Penelope Beaudrow is a chartered herbalist, herbal educator and community outreach coordinator at Faunus Herbs, and founder of The Gingko Tree and Dogwood & Brambles Farm. 2-3pm


With Koidu Sulev of Richters Herbs

In this workshop you will make beautiful herbal Christmas gifts including custom tea blends, fragrant potpourris, and dream pillows, and you will take home your creations to give away as gifts. There will be a $30 fee for the cost of materials. No advance registration required. To register, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. 2-4pm

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