A professional herb farming series for commercial growers and processors. This is the source for information on the commercial herb farming business: everything from what equipment is needed, what crops to grow, how and where to plant, how to harvest, and how to dry and process. These reports are updated so information is always fresh and accurate and reliable.

All reports are in electronic file format. The files are in Adobe’s PDF format which can be displayed on your computer and printed to your inkjet or laser printer using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader program (available free from www.adobe.com). This is the modern age of book publishing – no shipping charges and priced lower than is possible with printed books!

Now Available: Three Books by Richard Alan Miller
America’s Leading Herb Farming Expert

Getting Started: Important Considerations for the Herb Farmer
By Richard Alan Miller

Echinacea: Technical Crop Report
By Richard Alan Miller

Herb Processing Facility
By Richard Alan Miller

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