Reducing Cigarette Smoke
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Maryann Williams
Posted on: August 14, 1998

I have recently placed 2 orders from your farm and I have to tell you my herb plants are beautiful.

I do have a question for you, are there any herbs that I can put in the house to reduce the odor of cigarette smoke? Lighting for plants is not an issue in my home.

There are no herbs that will actually reduce the odour. Herbs can only emit competing odours that mask the offending odour. Actually, it is possible that a lot of plants indoors can help to refresh the air by trapping air particles and noxious gases on their leaves, but this property is not unique to herbs.

Herbs normally do not release their fragrances to the air unless brushed against or leaves squeezed. Live plants growing in the house will not help against cigarette smoke much. A better strategy would be to use potpourri made with either fresh cut or dried herbs supplemented with essential oils. A well made potpourri will release scents into the air for years, and depending on the ingredients used, can emit a wide range of fragrances from sweet to musk to fresh forest.

You can also use a diffuser to emit scents from essential oils. Commonly, a few drops of herbal essential oil are put in a terracotta or glass vessel to allow the oils to volatilize into the air. Which oils to try depends on what fragrances you find appealing; you might try lavender, rose, peppermint, or any of the citrus oils.

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