Herbs for Smudging
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Bob Bryan
Posted on: January 23, 2002

I found you site through a link with the tracker school site. I am a student at tracker school and i am looking for a source of premixed ceremonial smoking mixtures and also small quantities of smudge herbs. I did not find these items listed in you catalogue as such. If you do not have these items as in small quantify premixed I will go back and navigate your catalogue to find what I need.

We don’t offer smudge herbs in ready-to-use form – sorry. You can grow and make your own. Sweetgrass, mugwort and Silver King wormwood are the most commonly used herbs for smudging.

For more information about native herbs and their ceremonial use, consult the book, "American Indian Healing Herbs" by E. Barrie Kavasch and Karen Bear.

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