Soothing Herbs for Muscle and Eye Pads and Shoulder Wraps
Answered by: Koidu Sulev
Question from: Lisa Jordan
Posted on: January 22, 2008

I’m interested in herbs for putting them in heat and cool pads for tired muscles and eye pads for soothing qualities. For the eyes I need lavender and flax seed, but not sure on the amount of each. The eye cover is about 3 inches by 7 inches -- for example.

The next is a shoulder wrap. I need chamomile, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, white willow, yarrow, yellow dock root, flax seed and wheat. The shoulder wrap is approx. 12 inches X 18 inches. With a cut out for around the neck. Can you help with this? I don’t want to be over powering with the aroma just soothing. Thanks for any help. I need to know this so I know how to order and quantity.

First of all I apologize for not replying sooner but I have been off work for eye surgery.

1) For the eyes I would recommend that you use cotton balls soaked in lukewarm tea made of the lavender. Chamomile has always been the herb used for tired eyes. You might consider this.You can also purchase tea bags from us and fill the bags with 1 teaspoon of the soaked herb. If you want to use the flax seed-lavender combination in a dry pad 1/2 teaspoon of the herb mixed with the flax seed would be plenty. I would assume the pad will be cooled down.

2) For the shoulder wrap I will suggest the you have an opening that can be closed (Velcro?) because the herbs will lose their fragrance after a while. You can mix the flax seed-wheat with 3 teaspoons of the herb mixture and replace the content when the wrap has lost the fragrance. The other way (which I prefer) is to have an inner bag for the flax-wheat mixture with a small sachet inserted inside the outer cover also using the Velcro. The sachet can be replaced frequently so the fragrance will stay fresh. 3-4 teaspoons of the mixed herbs will suffice since the scent will be stronger when the wrap is heated. If you intend to use a microwave oven be careful not to overheat. You have to experiment with the time. Start with 10 seconds at a time . Check the wrap with your hand and decide when the wrap feels warm enough to use.

We sell the herbs in packages of about 1oz. I would mix all the herbs in a big bowl and store the mixture in a big jar in a dark and cool place. That way it is easy to take what you need. The lavender I would also keep in a jar in the dark. Kitchen cupboards are usually too warm.

Let me know how it worked out. More questions are welcomed.

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